Do It Yourself Painting Basics: How To Paint A Wall

 Painting a wall is a great way to bring a fresh feeling to your home.

Here are some Painting Interior Walls tips from the professionals at Home Painters Toronto.


Painting seems pretty simple on principal. You might think all that is involved is taking a paintbrush, slapping some paint on the wall and letting it dry. Who needs a professional painter anyway? The answer is, YOU do!

Yes, anyone can paint a wall but there is more to a professional interior painting project than simply applying paint to a wall. To start with, you need to prepare for painting.

Step 1: Prepare Your Room for Wall Painting

Preparing to paint:

  • remove furniture
  • protect floors with a drop sheet
  • gather necessary tools
  • wear protective clothing


Step 2: “Cutting In”

This process is how professional Toronto painters begin painting. It prevents any messes on your trims and makes the lines where the paint ends crisp and tidy. See our handy DIY guide for “Cutting In”  for more details on the process.


Step 3: Painting the Wall

While you CAN use a paintbrush to paint a wall, painting contractors typically will use a roller brush because it allows for quicker, neater work without brush strokes or missed spots.

To paint a wall with a roller, be sure to have the proper materials to get the job done right the first time. Make sure you have a new roller, an extender for reaching higher parts of the wall or ceilings, a paint tray and paint that is the correct colour to match the “cutting in” that you did earlier.

 Home Painters Toronto- Pro Painter Tip for Interior Painting

Interior Wall Painting Techniques – Use a “W” shape when using a roller because it will help you to fill the space in faster and also helps to prevent any harsh, visible brush strokes.

It is better to use less paint, then add more than to have too much paint on your brush leading to a big mess.

Try out these interior painting tips on a wall in your Toronto home and check out our Pinterest page for more interior painting tips from Professional Painters Toronto.

If you have an idea you would like to try, but do not know how to make it happen, Home Painters Toronto can help.  With more than 25 years’ experience as professional painters, let our experience do the heavy lifting.

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