A normal interior painting job is fine for most homes, but some people like to take an extra step. Through rag painting walls, you will be able to add an extra layer of creativity to your home paint job. Rag Painting is a great way to make your room a little more “homey.”

Don’t know exactly how to rag paint a wall? No worries, that’s what we’re here for, read on!


STEP 1: Preparing the Room for painting

We have already made a video about how to prepare a room ; but if you’re still a little lost (or just don’t want to go to another page), follow these steps:

  • Clear all furniture and wall decorations out of the room
  • Cover the floor with plastic or a drop cloth in order to catch any paint that may (and will) spill.
  • Cover all electrical outlets/light switches with plastic or painters tape.
  • Cover all doorframes and window frames with painters tape to prevent the paint from spilling over

STEP 2: Painting the Room


When rag painting walls, you need a base layer of paint on the wall before you add in the stylistic paint (Rag Paint) job. Now we’ve already done a tutorial on how to paint a wall , so you’ll want to take a quick look at that. Here’s what you’ll need to do when putting a base layer down:

  • Using a Paint brush and/or paint with s roller , put down a layer of primer.
  • Leave the wall for a few hours to let the primer dry.
  • Pour a bit of the latex paint that you’ll be using into a paint tray.
  • Again using a paint brush or a roller, put on 2-3 layers of the base coat onto the wall, allowing a few hours to dry between coats.

STEP 3: Preparing and Applying the Glaze (Rag Painting)

Next up, you’ll have to prepare the secondary layer of paint. What you’ll want to do is:

  • Get a separate bucket and mix the latex paint that you used for the base and a water-based glaze.
  • When complete, apply the mixture to a rag and dab it onto the wall as required
  • This is where you get to be creative; go nuts and be creative!
  • Allow to dry for several hours

And there we go. As always, make sure to wash all of your brushes and rags immediately after you complete the job.

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