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How do you store paints and finishes over the winter?

It is extremely rare that you will buy the perfect amount of paint for a painting job that you’ll be doing. Most times it’s common to have to put your paint away for the next time, especially if you want to have some for touch ups down the road. Sounds simple, right? Well, it can get a little more complicated, especially during the cold winter months. We’re here to let you in on how to store paint properly all year long!

Paint storage temperature and Paint containers Guideline for Home Painting Services

Here are some guidelines that you should follow for how to store your paint properly.

Guideline#1: Paint Storage Temperature

A huge thing that not a lot of people take into consideration when they want to store paints is what the temperature of the room will be where they plan to provide paint storage.

  • If the paint is water-based, do not store the paint in a cellar or garage. If you do this, you run the risk of the paint freezing over.
  • Try to store paints and finishes at room temperature in a closet, specific paint storage locker or something similar.
  • If your paint is oil-based or lacquer, you don’t need to worry as much about the temperature of the room, as it takes a lot more to freeze this kind of paint. We still recommend that you store paints at room temperature though.

Guideline#2: Paint Containers

This may seem obvious, but the container for how to store paints properly is extremely important.

  • If the paint can that you have is damaged, go to your local hardware or paint store in Toronto to pick up a new one.
  • If you can’t find an empty paint can, find a vacuum-sealed jar to store your paint in.
  • When applying the lid to the container, make sure there is no paint on the edges of the container. When it dries, the paint will glue the can shut.
  • Make sure the lid is sealed 100%. If it is not, air can get into the paint container and you run the risk of the paint drying while in the can.
Guideline to label the lid when you want to store paint and how to stay organized, interior painting services by house painters

 Guideline#3: Label the Lid when you want to store paints

  • If you just finished an interior painting job, it’s important to make sure you label each paint can with the corresponding room or areas that were painted. This will keep you from having to open each can to check the paint colors when you are doing interior touch ups
  • It’s equally important to keep the paint colour code and the number displayed. This is important so if you need more paint, the paint stores knows which paint to provide. Also, if there were any alterations to the paint formula, it’s important to note that on the can as well.
  • If it’s interior painting or exterior painting, you can label that information as well.

Guideline#4: Stay Organized

  • When thinking about how to store paint properly, keep it all in one area and somewhere you will remember. The most common areas to store paints are basement storage areas or closets.
  • Do not store it in the garage, especially in the winter months. The paint will freeze since most garages are not heated over the winter.
  • Never store the paint in a damp area (cold storage or a porch area). The paint can will rust and potentially ruin.

And just like that, you’re ready to store your paint! Using this knowledge, you can let your interior painting projects go on for as long as you need.

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