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The Top Paint Trends For 2021

the top paint trends for 2021 by home painters toronto

Keeping up with what’s the most current and popular paint trends can start to feel like a real task.

After all, they change so much from year to year. The really great thing about some of the current trends for this year is that they really run the gamut in terms of being able to play with personality and tone.

Really, for 2021, there’s a little something for everyone in terms of the top paint trends.

That’s actually one of the really cool things about painting and design.

No matter what the trends or fresh paint colours are for the current season, you always have the opportunity to fine-tune things to your taste.

And especially since we’re all spending so much time at home lately, we want things to really feel like our own. Because if we just follow trends blindly and don’t personalize them to our taste, what’s the point?

Here are the top paint trends in 2021:

1. bold monochromatic

This one might feel so good to come back to for a lot of people because quite often, some people don’t feel heard if they’re not being bold. That’s right, bold monochromatic have been brought back for the year 2021 and we’re not mad about it.

What we’re talking about here in terms of trends are the hot paint colours like the dark navy blues or something more akin to Sherwin Williams’ 2021 ‘Colour of the Year’ Naval SW-6244. It is so bold and saturating, but never offensive as it possesses a great richness and looks confident on the walls as well.

Another bold monochromatic paint colour could be similar to an aubergine, like Eggplant 1379This paint colour looks absolutely stellar across an entire room or even featured as an accent wall.

It’s so rich and dramatic, but still possesses a certain amount of warmth. It’s not what some might consider traditionally monochromatic, but it can absolutely evoke those same stylistic sentiments in a more daring way.

So, don’t knock it until you try it!

The Top Paint Trends For 2021 by Home painters toronto

2. warm pastels

One set of paint trends it’s great to see back in the mix are all the warm pastels of the season.

Remember when you could only decorate a baby or kid’s room in pastels because there was a specific amount of time when people were just over them? That time is gone now, my friends!

Warm pastels are back to being fully celebrated.

This almost baby blue called Windmill Wings 2067-60 is the perfect example of a nice pastel blue colour. It’s so soft and soothing, it would be the ideal blue to have in your bedroom.

If you want something a little more feminine, HGTV Home By Sherwin Williams’ ‘Colour of the Year’ is RomanceIt’s a beautiful light blush pink with apricot influences and its soft elegance is so calming and serene.

The Top Paint Trends For 2021 by Home painters toronto

3. don’t shy away from personality with paint trends

Sometimes it takes a certain trend to spark to make you want to fully take advantage of your own personal tastes. Have you ever been afraid to use the colour pink in one of your living spaces? Maybe the exact right time is 2021!

First Light 2102-70 is such a soft and airy pink and it’s also Benjamin Moore’s pick for ‘Colour of the Year’.

Try this colour in your space and you might just surprise yourself at how seamlessly it blends in.

Another paint trend of the season that’s sometimes considered taboo is the colour yellow. Golden Straw 2152-50 is such a lovely golden yellow that’s not overly saturated.

It’s rich and creamy, but is so reminiscent of the end of the season in the summer time. Again, this paint trend might end up surprising you when you put it in your kitchen or living room.

The Top Paint Trends For 2021 by Home painters toronto

4. it’s okay to be a little moody

Another one of the stylish paint trends of the season is feeling like it’s perfectly okay to get a little moody with your colours. The secret to learn here though is that the colours labeled as moody, really aren’t depressing or sad at all!

For instance, rich charcoal greys like Shaker Gray 1594 can look so sophisticated and timeless in contemporary living spaces. Treehouse listed dark charcoal grays as their most popular paint colour pick of the year.

Pantone’s ‘Colour of the Year’Classic Blue 19-4052 is a great excuse to get a little moody in your interiors!

Sure, this paint colour might scare some away but when you really look at it, you’ll realize it possesses a calming confidence. It’s dark, but not too dark and could really make a commanding background for any living space.

The Top Paint Trends For 2021, Classic Blue 19-4052

5. earth tones

Warm earthy tones have certainly come back in terms of paint trends for 2021 as well. There’s something so comforting about earth tones too as they’re very natural yet still lush to the eye.

Copper Mountain 126-C7 is the perfect example of a gorgeous and rich rusty copper colour that just completely draws your eyes in.

Speaking of earth tones, you can’t get away from those without seeing a popular almost mossy green this season.

Coincidentally, Behr’s ‘Colour of the Year’ is named Back To Nature S340-4. It’s perfectly evocative of natural and earthy greenery and can really work to add a nice warmth that’s not too overpowering to a space.

Back To Nature S340-4 by Home painters toronto, The Top Paint Trends For 2021

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