Variables that Affect the Cost of Painting a House in Toronto

The cost of painting a house in Toronto varies depending on several different factors. The type of paint you choose, the size of your home, and whether it’s an interior or exterior job all affect the final price tag.

Money matters always take over property-related discussions, including house painting. Some individuals expect that painting a house won’t be too costly and be surprised with the final amount to pay for paints and services.

So, how do painters determine prices? Continue reading to find out what can affect your budget when hiring a painter.

Cost Factors for Painting A House

To Set Your Expectations, the Following Are the Variables that Contribute to House Painting Rates.

Variable 1: New Construction or Already Existing?

A newly constructed property is like a blank canvas. It doesn’t have painted areas yet. Hence, expect to spend more money on painting a house which is newly built.

On the other hand, existing properties requiring paint jobs may save you some money. The thing about repainting a Toronto house is that some parts of the house don’t need repainting. Some more practical homeowners prefer to keep the original paint job due to various reasons. Existing painted areas significantly cut down the amount of paint to purchase and labour to hire, which means huge savings for you.

Variable 2: Quality of Paint for Painting a House

Products of any kind always come in three types: top-of-the-line, mid-line, and low-quality. Throughout the years, it has been a cosmic rule that prices go down as quality decrements.

The same rule applies to paints. Top-of-the-line paint brands cost more while mid-line ranges may suit your budget more if you’re looking to save money. However, keep in mind that midline savings are short-term compared to high-quality ones.

Variable 3: Amount of Preparations before the House Painting

House painting is not just applying finishes on walls and other parts of the house. It also requires an enormous amount of preparation such as cleaning the area, furniture protection, and a lot more. Fewer preparations guarantee savings for painting your house in Toronto.

Painter Painting With Roller
Interior Preparation Before Painting

Variable 4: Amount of Furniture

A house with no furniture is a good way to save money. Furniture demands more work while posing challenges for house painters since their working space is limited.

Variable 5: Existing Oil vs. Latex Paints

If your current wall paint is still in good shape without peeling or air bubbles, you can just apply paint over the finish without extensive preparation. Existing paint types can also indicate if you can save money or not.

Latex paint on your wall will save you money since you can apply the paint directly. Oil-based paint, on the other hand, costs more because you need to overlay it with an oil-based primer before placing the new paint.

Variable 6: Project Deadline for Painting a House

Allowing the Toronto house painters to do the job according to their schedule or set time frame will cut down the expenses of painting your house.

Variable 7: Plaster vs. Drywall Painting

Drywall has properties that are beneficial for house painting. With this said, painting on drywall is going to be cheaper than painting on plaster walls.

Variable 8: Painting Stucco vs. Flat Ceilings

Ceilings can be flat or stucco, which is also known as popcorn ceilings. You may save money on painting ceiling surfaces depending on certain instances. Painting on a flat ceiling is cheaper in general due to its surface. If you have stucco, you can save money if it has existing paint.

Types of ladders for painting

What is the general painting cost in Toronto?

The general cost to paint a 1500 sq ft house interior in Canada is between $5,000 and $9,000 CAD plus HST. That will cover the labour and materials for a quality paint job. You may find lower estimates, but this is not a good sign. A low estimate could be an indication that the painter is inexperienced or not professional enough.

If you want to get a good quality paint job for your house, it’s important to find a reliable and experienced residential house painter.

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