Interior Painting: Choosing Paint For New Home

Maybe we’ve helped you get your Toronto house ready to sell by bringing it back to bright and welcoming neutrals. Now it’s time for you to move into your new home. Which, first of all, this is so exciting! But it also means that it’s time to think about a new house and interior painting. Paint colours have a subtle but significant effect on us physically and psychologically. Careful selection of interior house colours is very important for a new house in Toronto. Follow these steps when trying to determine the perfect paint colours for your new Toronto home!


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Step 1: The Inspiration behind interior painting

  • Start with a reference point. Think of a picture, piece of art, or specific colour in your wardrobe that you like. Can you picture it?
  • Look for inspiration everywhere in your Toronto house. What colors are you drawn to? Which colour don’t you like as your potential house paint colour? You can really start to narrow things down here.
  • Take another look at the permanent fixtures of your new Toronto home. Pay attention to the kitchen cabinets, bathroom tiles, or brick fireplace in the living room. You might not be able to change them, but you can use them as the base for your new look.
  • Our Pinterest galleries are packed with pictures of houses across Toronto and the GTA. Spend some time browsing through them to find your own inspiration and lots of house paint colour ideas.

Step 4: Consider Tints, Tones and shades for interior painting

  • If you think one paint colour is boring or isn’t quite right, try different shades in the same house paint colour family. Sometimes going a little darker or lighter makes all the different with interior painting.
  • Use complementary colours and paint colours from related families. 
  • Be open to accent paint colours. Pick a warmer (red) or cooler (blue) colour to complement your main paint color.

Step 5: Test your house paint colour

  • You can fall in love with a paint colour then find out it doesn’t look as good as you imagined on the wall. Test cans are your best friend here. They can be mixed in any colour you choose, aren’t a huge investment of time or money, and let you see exactly how the paint colour is going to look on your walls.
  • Apply your samples on different spots in your new Toronto house. Give it a day to see how the samples change under the light.

Step 2: The Mood of your Toronto Home

  • Think about the type of energy you want the room to give off in your new home with interior painting.
  • Is there a specific mood or theme you would like to emphasize in your new house?
  • Do you want a calm living room paint colour? Or do you prefer a bold dining room paint colour?
  • For a quieter atmosphere, make sure the paint colours are not too bright.

Step 3: Reflect on light sources

  • The paint colour you pick for your home in Toronto may look different throughout the day. Toronto’s weather can turn from sunny to cloudy to rain in minutes, you want your home to always look its best.
  • Natural daylight reveals the most accurate colour.
  • Incandescent lighting creates warm tones.
  • A strong paint colour might be too overpowering on walls beside a window
  • And remember, different paint finishes reflect light differently. Eggshell will be softer, flat will be bolder.

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