Why Floor Painting Is the Right Idea For You

Why Floor Painting is the Right Idea For YouWhy Floor Painting Is the Right Idea For You

When it’s time to refinish the floors of your new home, or to refresh the ones you currently have, floor paint is rarely ever a suggestion that comes to mind. After all, why bother painting over wooden floors when keeping them bare is so trendy at the moment?

The truth that many people don’t realize is that it’s not just about garage floor paint, painting a cement floor or basement floor painting -when you don’t want carpeting. Floor paint is actually a viable option for open, heavily-trafficked spaces like the living room of your home.

Painting Gives You Options

Floor painting is rarely discussed when considering flooring options such as carpeting, laminate, hardwood, etc., but what people tend to forget is how many options open up when opting for it.

Yes, the alternatives offer up a broad variety of shades, designs, and styles, but no matter how many there are, they can’t compare to the sheer number of paint colours available on the market.

Benjamin Moore alone offers hundreds of different hues for floor painting to choose from. For the discerning homeowner who can tell the difference between Midnight Blue and Navy this can be key to satisfying their inner interior decorator.

Not only are there numerous floor paint colours to choose from, but people rarely consider that choosing to paint their floors doesn’t mean a single shade from one wall to another. By alternating different colours you can create a pattern that looks not unlike kitchen floor tiles, and which can really brighten up a room. Guests who wear their shoes indoors may not even realize that the floor they’re walking on has simply been painted instead of had tiles painstakingly installed, which brings me to my next point-

Why Floor Painting is the Right Idea For You Midblog PostInterior Home Floor Painting Can Be Easier (And Cheaper!)

Not to say that installing laminate flooring is particularly difficult for the DIY homeowner, but is it easier than rolling paint onto a flat surface? This project can be easy when you know how to paint hardwood floors. This is doubly true for those who aren’t particularly inclined for handyman projects around the home.

For these folks, the very idea of refinishing oak floors, with all of the sanding and numerous coats of stain involved, is a nightmare. Simply painting over the boards (after appropriate preparation of course) can be an easier option that still looks great!

This can be a fun project for the whole family, a happy couple, or even a committed homeowner who wants to beautify their living space without breaking the bank.

Furniture will have to be moved and floor paint will have to dry, but that’s nothing compared to the sawdust from cutting new floorboards to size and the rolls of insulation and carpeting that might otherwise be needed. We’re not all Bryan Baeumler, and it’s nice knowing that when it comes to refreshing the appearance of our home we can manage to take on some projects all on our own.

You Don’t Have to Paint Your Floors On Your Own!

Of course, some of us just don’t have the time! Painting a floor might sound great, and I hope it does after reading the above paragraphs, but what if you can’t do it on your own?

That’s when Home Painters Toronto enters the picture. Our friendly and professional customer service are waiting by the phone for your call!

Reach out to us at 647-494-5545 or send us an email at [email protected] for help with your floor painting project , today!


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