Kitchen Week: Is It Time To Refresh My Kitchen?

Are you feeling bored or tired of your kitchen? You aren’t alone. Many homeowners find after several years that their kitchen is no longer pleasing. Here are some signs that it is time to refresh your most visible room.

kitchen re painting

Stick around and we’ll give you tons of great kitchen painting ideas, whatever your taste or style is. Even if you don’t think your kitchen needs it, you might change you mind by the time you’re done reading.

5 Signs It’s Time To Rethink Kitchen Painting

Sign 1: You Haven’t Repainted in More Than 5 Years

kitchen cabinets refacingAfter several years, you will notice that your walls are not as vibrant as they used to be. Life takes its toll on your paint and you may notice:

  • Food stains
  • Grease marks/stains
  • Strong food odours
  • Handprints and scuff marks
  • Heat-affected areas
  • Paint peeling/cracking




Sign 2: Your Kitchen Painting Is All One Colour

kitchen paintingToday, interior design has taken on a new trend. Rather than just painting kitchen cupboards white, color, particularly a splash of a bright colour, has worked its way into kitchen painting ideas.

Ideally, having a second, neutral colour can highlight the best parts of the room and help hide some flaws.

For a unique style that is all you, try mixing some textures and patterns like stripes. Click here for our guide on painting stripes!


Sign 3: You Don’t Feel Happy In Your Kitchen

It’s your home, you should enjoy it! If you are finding yourself unhappy, or just feeling blah about your kitchen decorating, try painting. A fresh coat of paint helps to reinvigorate your space, even if the colour isn’t all that different.


Sign 4: You Feel Embarrassed To Invite People Over For Dinner

kitchen paintingYou should never feel embarrassed of your home. Stains of dinners past and old, peeling, or chipping paint have no place in your most visible room. Painting kitchen cabinets alone can make a stunning difference. Interior decorating trends are moving more towards open concept kitchens and dining rooms, while makes a fresh, clean, and beautiful kitchen even more important for making a good impression on your guests.

If your new appliances don’t match old paint, a paint update can make your kitchen look brand new.

Sign 5: Your Kitchen Doesn’t Fit Your Life



You are classy and elegant, but your kitchen is too colourful. No matter how much you used to love it, it just doesn’t suit you anymore. You’ve grown up. Now is the time for your kitchen to grow up too and look more sophisticated to match your life.

Refreshing your kitchen can bring the fun back into the most visible room in your house. Your home should reflect you, and your own kitchen decorating ideas. A new paint colour, or adding a new element like stripes, can give your home a fresh look that speaks to you.


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