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Banner Tips for Choosing Paint Colors for Small Spaces

Choosing paint colours to make small rooms or small spaces look bigger is a challenge that a lot of Toronto homeowners encounter. Selecting the right paint colour is a very important process. Colours can be the difference between a small dark room, and a comfortable living space. It is important to choose a paint colour that makes your small space and your house look large and inviting. 

The thing with living in Toronto, or any large metropolis, is that not everybody has the luxury of space. However, you can create the illusion of space. The good use of paint colour is the most important factor. To make a small room or a small space, look larger than it is.

Small Room Ideas & Paint Colour Tips for Small Spaces in Toronto

We’ve been painting Toronto houses for over twenty-five years. And we’ve come across lots of great painting ideas for home interiors. Whether it’s a feature wall or a whole room, Paint can create the illusion of space and make your home look larger than it is. So it’s critical that you choose the best colour of paint inside the house.

Here are some of our colour rules for painting small spaces.

Tip 1: Light Colours for Small Spaces

  • Hands down, the best paint colour choice for small rooms is white. No better colour to create an illusion of space.
  • Not everyone finds themselves comfortable with the use of too much white though. It can make a room look dull or sterile at times.
  • If you don’t want to go all white, try other light neutral paint colours for the bedroom. Like soft pink, light blue, light sea green, lavender, pale yellow and peach.
  • Why? Lighter and neutral colours give the illusion that the walls are farther away. Light colours reflect light. Neutral colours diminish into the background.

Tip 2: Painting Stripes

  • Using stripes and paint colour combinations can make a small space look larger. It completely changes the shape of the room and adds visual interest.
  • Vertical stripes make the ceiling look higher. Horizontal stripes make the ceiling look wider.
  • Try to stick to three to five-inch stripes. Check out our great blog on How To Paint Stripes. And see what kind of stunning effect it has in a nursery or child’s bedroom.
  • Don’t want to be too overwhelmed? Simply choose one or two walls to stripe.
Painting Small Space Wall

Tip 3: Focal Points

  • Select a focal point for each room in your small space. It can be a fireplace, window, entertainment centre, or even a piece of furniture.
  • Paint the wall containing the focal point a captivating colour, creating a beautiful accent wall.
  • Make use of furniture or accessories that complement the paint colour. Using heavy contrasts will do the opposite.
  • Don’t forget that you can always visit our Pinterest page for lots of inspiration on painting small spaces too!

Tip 4: Flooring

  •  Look down. The floors can help you open up your room and create an illusion of a much larger space.
  •  How? Consider matching the paint colour of the wall or trim to the colour of the flooring.
  •  Making the room more uniform in colour will create the illusion of it being bigger. Similar colours on the floor eliminate the boundary where the wall connects with the floor. Think of where the sea meets the sky. That horizon goes on forever, doesn’t it?

Tip 5: Lighting

  • Lighting is key in making a room appear bigger than its actual size, especially in a small space in Toronto. Make sure the room has enough lighting.
  • Light – whether from the sun or a lamp – enhances the light colours in your room. This makes the room look even larger.
  •  Make use of windows whenever you can. But always remember to use correct artificial lighting in key spaces like corners.
Small Space House
White Bathroom

Paint Colours For Small House Exterior

Now that you’ve got the basics down, you’re ready to start your own space makeover project! But how about the exterior? Which Colour is best for a small house outside? The best colours for a house outside are light colours that reflect the sun. Consider painting your exterior in one of the following colours:

  •     Orange
  •     Yellow
  •     White
  •     Beige
  •     Grey

These colours are great options if you want to make your home look bigger and brighter. They’re easy on the eyes and won’t clash with any existing colour schemes in your neighbourhood. A lighter colour will help to make your home look bigger. While darker colours will make it appear smaller. You can just add some extra finishing touches. Like window frames, shutters or doors to break up all that white space.

If You Want A More Vibrant Colour, Consider Using A Two-tone Colour Scheme Instead

Try painting the bottom portion of your home in a lighter colour. While keeping the top half darker. This will help to make your small house look bigger without making it stand out too much from its neighbours. But, make sure that your chosen colours are complementary (such as red and blue or yellow and green). This will ensure that the colours complement each other instead of clashing.

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