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Living in an apartment often means dealing with limited space. However, with intelligent decorating choices – especially when it comes to apartment painting – you can transform a compact area into a stylish and spacious-feeling home. Let’s talk about how to make a big impact with the right paint in small apartment spaces.

When it comes to interior painting, there are ways you can make small spaces look bigger. The most popular opinion is using the best white paint colours because the walls would reflect light, making the small space feel much more open and airy. Also, you could even try darker and bolder colours, like blue or green. This is because darker colours create depth, which can make a room feel larger than it actually is. Whether it is for your small living room or bedroom when you’re thinking of apartment painting, we have some of the best paint for small spaces suggestions!

How to Choose a Paint Colour for Your Small Apartment?

Selecting the perfect paint colour for a small apartment can be a daunting process. However, with a few guidelines, you can make an informed decision that results in a bright, welcoming space. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect paint colour for your small apartment:

1. Assess Natural Light

The amount of natural light your space receives plays a significant role in how paint colours will appear. Rooms flooded with sunlight may benefit from cooler colours like soft blues, greens, or greys, while spaces with limited natural light can feel more inviting with warmer shades like creamy whites or light beiges.

2. Consider Your Decor

Your décor style will also affect paint colour decisions. If your furniture and accessories feature bold patterns or colours, it’s often best to opt for more neutral wall colours that don’t compete for attention.

3. Test Before Committing

A colour you love in the store may look entirely different once applied to your walls. Purchasing sample pots of paint and testing patches on your walls is a wise move. Observe the samples during different times of the day to see how they look in varying light conditions.

4. Use Colour Theory

Colour theory, which is the study of how colours impact our perception of space, can be a helpful guide. Typically, lighter and cooler colours recede, making spaces feel larger, while darker or warmer colours advance, creating a cozier atmosphere.

5. Embrace Monochromatic

Schemes: Implementing a monochromatic colour palette, where you choose different shades of one colour for your walls, trim, and ceiling, can create a harmonious and cohesive look. This approach makes your space feel unified and prevents your eyes from getting “stuck” on contrasting colours, creating an uninterrupted visual flow.

6. Get Inspired

Don’t forget to seek inspiration! Browse interior design blogs, magazines, or social media platforms to discover colour schemes you’re drawn to. Even though individual opinions vary, you might find that certain colour trends stand out as particularly successful in small spaces.

7. Consult with Professionals

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed by the options, consider consulting with an interior designer or professional apartment painter for guidance. They can provide personalized advice tailored to your space, taking into account your tastes, lighting, and décor.

Painter Painting Apartment

When you’re thinking of doing apartment painting or condominium painting, it’s best to think about the space you actually have. Here are some of our suggestions for paint to use in spaces where you don’t have as much room.

  • Honey Bees By Sherwin Williams: Your small living room or kitchen will shine bright with this beautiful yellow interior paint! Plus, this interior paint colour looks great with light wood furniture and white accents.
  • Brassica by Farrow & Ball: Have you ever wondered how your small space would look with a splash of sophisticated lavender? An interior paint colour like this will also ensure that your small space feels elegant and not stuffy at all.
  • Restless Sea by Behr: Small spaces are usually the best places to make a statement, according to interior designers. While most interior designers say that bright whites and lighter shades are the best way to make a room feel larger than it is, richer tones can work too. For example, Restless Sea from Behr is a bold and deep dark teal, but it also doesn’t overpower a space.
  • Cloud White by Benjamin Moore: How do you make small spaces seem larger? Try an off-white paint colour like Cloud White, as it is a softer but cleaner palette to work with.
  • Key West Ivory by Benjamin Moore: When thinking about apartment painting and the best paint for small spaces, an earthy ochre-like taupe creates a calm atmosphere in small spaces. Another example would be a neutral tan colour like Key West Ivory. When in the same vicinity as a light gray wall, it will give dimension to the small space.
Small Space Before and After
Small Space Before and After 4
Small Space Before and After 2
  • Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams: Also, the 2024 colour of the year, Urbane Bronze is such a rich and warm interior paint colour that can also come off as a nice neutral. Plus, if you put this interior painting colour in a smaller space, it can really add a nice depth to a space.
  • Platinum Gray by Behr: Because you have a smaller space, dark shades can be the way to go. Platinum Gray by Behr is modern, yet still gives off a cozy vibe. It would look great in a bedroom!
  • Coastal Beige by Behr: A neutral colour like beige will always remain stylish for some homeowners. For those who don’t want a basic white but want a bold colour is well, too bold, beige is one of the best paints for small spaces options.
  • Clare Deep Dive: This dark teal can work wonders in a small space. Who said a shadow can’t be your friend? A colour like this will create the impression of depth, when in fact your space is small.
  • Two Scoops: This mint green paint has a classic, yet beachy vibe. It can instantly make a small space very dynamic, especially when surrounded by white details.

Bedroom paint colours for 2024

There are a variety of bedroom colour schemes for 2024 that have been rolled out by major paint companies, such as Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. Benjamin Moore has revealed that Aegean Teal will be a popular bedroom colour scheme for 2024. It is the perfect combination of natural blue and green. In addition, these are both very calming colours to have in your bedroom. It will create a beautiful and harmonious vibe in your bedroom, making it an excellent choice to incorporate. However, you can implement this paint colour for home offices or even on kitchen cabinets. Another great bedroom colour scheme for 2024 is HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams. Who doesn’t love a vibrant and bold colour for their bedroom? This colour is a rich and saturated red, while also being modern and traditional. Paint colours that represent comfort and confidence are exactly what homeowners are leaning towards.


More Tips to Make Your Space Look Bigger

1. The Magic of Light Colours

Colour theory isn’t just for artists. As an apartment dweller, understanding colour’s impact can help you choose paint wisely. Light hues like soft white, cream, or pale blue are excellent options for small spaces. They reflect light around the room, making it feel larger and more open. Dark colours can dominate and shrink your space, so use them sparingly or not at all.

2. Leveraging The Power of Neutrals

Neutral colours act as a calming force in tight spaces, creating an illusion of spaciousness. Shades of beige, grey, or greige (a blend of grey and beige) are the best neutral paint colours for small living rooms because they offer versatility and pair well with various decor styles. Furthermore, neutrals serve as an excellent backdrop for displaying artwork or colourful decorative items.

3. Introducing Unexpected Accents

While light, neutral colours are generally the safest bet for small apartments, it doesn’t mean you have to avoid bold colours altogether. An interesting approach is to use brighter shades as accents, either on a small portion of a wall or on trim and architectural details for an unexpected pop of colour. Just remember, less is more when using vibrant colours in small spaces.

4. Playing with Paint Finishes

While colour is crucial, the finish of the paint also plays a big role in the perceived size of a space. As a rule of thumb, eggshell or satin finishes are good choices for the walls of small spaces; they have a slight sheen that helps reflect light, enhancing a sense of openness. Gloss or semi-gloss finishes can be used on trim for added interest and depth.

5. The Ceiling Impact

Commonly referred to as the fifth wall, the ceiling is a valuable player in your colour scheme. Painting your ceiling a lighter colour than your walls, or even a bright white, can create the impression of height and volume.

6. Paint and Furniture Matte Match

Another trick in the book of small space decorators is colour-matching furniture and walls. Painting large furniture pieces the same colour as your walls – especially when dealing with darker-coloured pieces – can make them seem to blend into the walls, offering a more seamless look that doesn’t visually segment your space.


Small spaces don’t have to feel small. By choosing the right paint colours and finishes, utilizing accents wisely, and perhaps taking inspiration from your furniture, you can create an airy, expansive feel in your apartment. Remember, don’t be afraid to experiment and show your personal style. The best paint for any space is the one that makes it feel like a home to you.

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