Victorian Home Exterior Painting Ideas

If you are lucky enough to own a Victorian home, or are in the process of obtaining one, here are some exterior painting ideas that will help you decide what will look best for your Victorian style house. Read on for inspirational tips on exterior accents and colour schemes!

1. A Little History Lesson For Tasteful Consideration

  • • The Victorian style of architecture dates back to the 19th century.
  • • During the Industrial Revolution there were a series of homes built in this Victorian style. These homes can be mostly spotted in British areas.
  • • If you are familiar with Cabbagetown in Toronto, Canada then you’ll have seen the mass of Victorian style homes. This neighbourhood is the largest example of preserved Victorian housing in North America.

2. Attention to Detail

  • • Victorian style homes typically have brick slate roofs, a strong visual that relies heavily on stone and very sophisticated detailing.
  • • Rich colour contrasts, finely carved architectural designs, a large porch and popping windows are all great reasons to paint your Victorian home to accentuate its best features.
  • • The exterior walls of your house are usually textured which gives you a lot to work with. The porches on these houses are typically large and flow throughout. This means painting railings and porch floors in addition to painting the siding and trim to highlight the most of these intricate designs of each unique home.
  • • Because Victorian style homes are fairly large, the front porch is something to consider when thinking of painting the exterior. You’ll want a well complemented yard to fit together with your home. For example, some homes have a large garden landscape to display their traditional image.

3. Let the Ideas Flow!

  • • There are 3 common accents and themes that can be found in the exterior painting of Victorian houses: Historic Beauty, Vibrant Contrasts and Warm and Classy.
  • • If you own a fairly old Victorian home then perhaps the Historic Beauty theme is for you! Pick colours of exterior paint that all highlight the architectural layout. Using shades of beige on the siding of your home with a darker shade of red along the trim and porch floor will give your older home a well suited new paint job – it will completely transform the exterior look of your home.
  • • If you are anywhere between your mid-twenties and mid-forties you might like the idea of a vibrantly contrasting paint combination. Picking a body colour like a light grey or a blue and contrasting it with a bold colour like deep red or deep green for the accents on the exterior of your house will really enhance the curb appeal of your home. Pick a white shade for the trim so that you don’t offset the balance of the two contrasting colour shades.
  • • Regardless of your age or the age of your house, a warm and classy exterior paint job on a Victorian house is simply beautiful. This would be a safe choice for those indecisive painters. Shades like tan, taupe, beige, light grey, or even whites are all excellent choices to work with. Using 3 or more of these examples in coordination with the accents and architectural design of your house will display a classy, neat and clean curb appeal that everyone passing by will notice.

All of these Victorian home exterior painting ideas are suggestions meant to inspire you! Hopefully they provide the answer you needed for painting your home! However, if you would like a professional’s assistance with this, why don’t you give Home Painters Toronto a call?

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