How To Remove Storm Windows From the Outside


How To Remove Storm Windows From the Outside

Some homes are equipped with aluminum storm windows, which are used to resist cool drafts and act as a thicker barrier between the inside and outside of your house. These aluminum storm windows are also very energy efficient, and although an added task to remove once warmer weather rolls around they will save you big on your energy bill and are completely worth it. If you have storm windows that need to be removed and cleaned and you are curious as to how to remove them from the outside of your house, read on to find out how!

How to Remove Storm Windows From the Outside

Materials That You Will Need:

  • Utility Knife
  • Rubber Gloves (for grip)
  • Ladder (if necessary)
  • Pry Bar
  • Drill
  • Drill Bits
  • Suction Cup Handles (if necessary)
  • Paper Towels/Rags
  • Window Cleaning Solution
  • Caulking
  • Scraper

1. Prep

  • If your aluminum storm 2-imagewindows are not reachable, use a ladder or step ladder and set it up carefully. Be sure the ladder is level and securely locked in. Remember to wear your rubber gloves.
  • Have your tools ready or close by for easy access. Wearing a utility belt would be extremely handy if you are using a step ladder.

2. Start to Remove

  • Depending on what you prefer, you can either use your utility knife to cut through the trim and caulking between the window trim and storm window or use a drill and unscrew the window from the frame. If you want, you can save the removed screws and reuse them. If it won’t budge and slip out easily, try cutting through the seam in between to rig the storm window out.
  • 3Using your pry bar, start from below the window and slowly pry the frame out (if you haven’t cut through it). A suction cup handle will help with this process if you can’t quite get a starting grip on it.
  • Carefully supporting the aluminum window, lift and remove it.
  • Using your scraper, scrape the storm window where it was attached to the trim to rid of excess caulking that was applied when installed. You can refill the space with new caulking if you plan on reinstalling the storm windows.

3. Clean and Finish

  • When removing the storm windows for cleaning, use your rag or paper towels and spray the window cleaning solution onto the window directly and wipe clean.
  • 4After you have carefully removed and cleaned your aluminum storm windows one by one – store them away safely by wrapping them individually in either a foam material, old towels or even bubble wrap. A good place for storage of these windows is in the attic of a garage if you have it available. Otherwise, a shed or a closet in the basement/crawlspace will do fine.


  • By using a silicone caulking and filling in the remaining holes from the screws that were drilled out of the trim, you will prevent any moisture collected over time from the warmer weather.

By following the steps above you have successfully learned how to remove storm windows from the outside and how to clean them. But if this isn’t something you can set aside in your busy schedule, then why don’t you give HPT a call? Not only can we handle this job easily, we can also paint your windows to add beauty to your home!

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