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How To Cut Crown Moulding

Crown molding is a decorative way of hiding flaws between the ceiling and the wall. It is also used for stylish appeal. Usually crown molding is cut so it will be a specific angle and joined to the wall where corners aren’t in place. Crown molding has an elegant charm that will display really beautifully in any home. Read on to learn about cutting crown molding and other crown molding installation tricks.

Materials That You Will Need for Cutting Crown Moulding:

  • Safety Goggles
  • Pencil
  • Measuring Tape
  • Milter Saw
  • Crown Molding


  • Wood Putty
  • Sandpaper
  • Nails/Nail Gun

how to cut shoe molding

Step #1: Cutting crown moulding to fit into corners

  • At a 45 degree angle you can cut the crown molding by holding the wall side/bottom edge against the bottom back edge of the saw base and back plate. Set the saw to cut at a 45 degree angle and cut carefully.
  • Cut the opposite angle on the other part of the crown moulding.
  • You can also cut the crown moulding to fit into the corners by holding it flat against the saw and adjusting the angles to 31.62 degrees and also 33.9 degrees.

interior painting of white ceiling with crown mouldingStep #2. Fit Together

  • With the crown molding against the back plate, hold it flat and set the saw to a 45 degree angle on the inside of the first molding piece and then cut.
  • Do this again for the other piece.
  • After both have been cut, see if they fit tightly together and do not leave any gaps.

Step #3. Crown moulding installation tricks

  • Only use a few 6D or 8D nails to attach the crown moulding.
  • Take your time with this. It can be frustrating so be sure you allow yourself extra time and budget money in case any unexpected situations occur.
  • Always keep the surface area that you are working in clean.
  • Make sure there is a solid nailing spot where the joists run parallel to the crown moulding. Use a 2×2 cut on a 45 degree bevel. Cut the 2×2 and then screw it to the wall where the corner of the ceiling and wall meet. Using a 2×3 makes sure the surface is solid and sits at an angle where you can nail.
  • Use wood putty and fill in any holes and sand smooth.
  • Get assistance from another person, it’s always good to have an extra pair of eyes when completing these type of tasks.

Last tips for cutting crown moulding & painting: 

One thing to consider when you’re painting crown moulding is the overall quality of the paint. The quality needs to be supreme. Advance by Benjamin Moore is a great high-end durable finish for trims and crown moulding. Sherwin Williams ProMar Classic is another good choice for a high-performance finish that’s smooth and durable too.

When you’re thinking about ceiling paint colours, the trend is to go a flat white on ceilings. It’s best to use the Ultra Spec white we previously mentioned or Benjamin Moore’s Waterborne Ceiling PaintThis paint is the best to use for rooms with a lot of light exposure as you won’t be able to spot any defects. Sherwin Williams ProMar 400 latex interior paint is another good choice.

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The proper procedure of cutting crown molding involves a lot of time and patience. You should always be sure that you have the right equipment on hand and another experienced handy person to assist you. Now that you are more aware of how to cut crown molding you will have less to worry about when you install it.

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