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When it comes to home renovation projects, you will have most likely heard the terms “molding” and “trim” quite interchangeably.

Now, you may be wondering, what is the difference between the two? Trim is a type of material used around openings like doors and windows or used in corners between walls and ceilings.

You can also apply trim in the middle of walls, like a chair rail or wainscoting. Molding, on the other hand, is a type of trim and is recognized through its enhanced profile. This is because molding is much more decorative than trim and enhanced in detail.

An example of molding is ‘crown molding’ which is used at the intersection between walls and the ceiling to add visual appeal to your home. Overall, crown molding softens the transition between the wall and ceiling.

In this blog, we will discuss crown trim and types of trim paint.

Trim Molding Types

Trim molding is in four main categories, depending on the installation. It could be openings, the floor, ceiling, or directly on the wall. Casing trim is placed around openings, such as doors and windows.

Baseboards are along the bottom of walls, while crown molding is installed at the top near the ceiling. All trim that is directly on walls and not at openings or corners are called wall trim. Whether it be crown trim or other types of trim, they will visually make your home appealing.

Areas Measuring Considerations
Window and Door Casing • Casing is used around openings like doors and windows mostly. It serves as a frame around openings to help cover gaps between walls, doors, and windows.


For door openings, a casing is installed at the top and both sides of the opening. For window openings, casing is installed on all around the window. Typically speaking, the bottom of the opening has a stool and apron.


Baseboard Trim (Wall Base Molding) • Installed on the bottom of walls. Not only is it an accent to the wall, but can help hide imperfections between the flooring and the walls. In addition, it is usually installed at outside corners and coped at inside corners.


Ceiling Trim Molding (Crown Molding) • This is placed at the top of walls and provides helpful separation between wall and ceiling. Also, it will give your space elegance because it is such a detailed material. Crown molding comes in many profiles from simple to fancy.


• From a home renovation perspective, crown molding works best on rooms with high ceilings. If your room has a lower ceiling, you should install a simple profile with a narrow dimension, as it would be more effective.


Wall Trim Molding • This type of trim can be installed anywhere on walls, other than openings or at the corners of floors or ceilings. It is placed directly on walls, making it more aesthetically pleasing than functional.


Trim Paint

When it comes to interior trim paint, you should go for modern and sleek. For many homeowners, they opted to use a white trim paint. For example, this could be Decorator’s White from Benjamin Moore or Oxford White CC-30. These white tones “scream” modern and sophistication. They are also the top choices for trims that are white, but not too stark. For a warmer tone of white, you can purchase the Cloud White CC-40. If you are more of a bright and bold person, you should go for Simply White OC-117 or Chantilly Lace OC-65. These paints could take up to 3-4 coats to really hone in on their brightness.

Painting Your Stairs

Now that you have worked on your trims, you can possibly start working on your stairs.

Stairway painting is not only important for the overall appeal of your home, but it maintains its value in your home. It’s always good to get a jumpstart on painting your stairs when you know it is slowly getting worn out because it’s a mode of transportation in your home. To add value to your home, you should consider stairway painting, as it will keep your home well maintained with a stunning decor. Quality stairs are important.

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