When it comes to home renovation projects, you will have most likely heard the terms ‘molding’ and trim’ quite interchangeably. Now, you may be wondering, what is the difference between the two? Trim is a type of material used around openings like doors and windows, or used in corners between walls and ceilings. You can also apply trim in the middle of walls, like a chair rail or wainscoting. Molding, on the other hand, is a type of trim and is recognized through its enhanced profile. This is because molding is much more decorative than trim and enhanced in detail. An example of molding is

‘crown molding,’ which is used at the intersection between walls and the ceiling to add visual appeal to your home. Let’s discuss crown molding cost and what paint you should use for your trim.

Crown Molding Installation

The most popular area for crown molding is around the ceiling. Whether the crown molding is painted or stained, you have so many styles to choose from that will fit your home home’s structure perfectly. You can go with a very classic design or a more modern look. With the help of painting professionals, all these options are there for you!

Crown Molding Over Doorway

When installing an interior door, there’s usually an opening between the door frame and wall. To mask this opening, you should install a door crown molding trim. When you install this, it will allow you to utilize the intricate details of the crown molding and you will also hide the gap between the frame and the wall. Now, your home will look visually appealing with this door crown trim molding. In addition, your home has its own unique style and a great feel for the interior.

Cost to Install Crown Molding

Usually speaking, the cost to install crown molding tends to be $1 to $3.50 per linear foot. This includes labor and materials. If you don’t have any material handy, crown molding cost is $600 to $1,600. It is double the price of painting, but your home will have a classic feel to it. They do say quality over quantity, so fear not, your home will look visually appealing with crown molding.

Linear Foot
$1 to $3.50CAD + HST per linear foot
  • Includes labour and materials.
Price reduciton on 2 or more rooms
$700 to $1,000+CAD+HST
  • Includes labour and materials.

Trim Paint

When it comes to interior trim paint, you should go for a modern and sleek style. For many homeowners, they opted to use a white trim paint. For example, this could be Decorator’s White from Benjamin Moore or Oxford White CC-30. These white tones “scream” modern and sophistication. They are also the top choices for trims that are white, but not too stark. For a warmer tone of white, you can purchase the Cloud White CC-40. If you are more of a bright and bold person, you should go for Simply White OC-117 or Chantilly Lace OC-65. These paints could take up to 3-4 coats to really hone in on their brightness.

Crown Molding for Exterior

A cost effective method, yet slightly bold is to instal crown molding headers on your entry doors. This would be exactly like installing crown molding above your kitchen cabinets. Every homeowner has different tastes and styles. Not a lot of people would do this type of installation, but some people like being bold. If you are that type of homeowner, why not install exterior crown molding headers for your entry door? It’s such a great way to enhance your home’s details and architecture. It’s definitely not for everyone, but if you like being bold, this is the right project for you!

Nothing Wrong with Being Bold!

Most people like to say, “go big or go home” and that is exactly what you should do with your trim paint. This could mean aluminum siding painted with charcoals or dark grays that are rich in tones, but still great neutral colours. Most homeowners tend to go with taupe or white, as they are always the most popular paints, but don’t be afraid to go bold! If you really want to make your home stand out and look modern, you should go for bold neutrals because they are not boring. These bold colours will boost your curb appeal and streamline your home’s exterior features.

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