7 More Tips And Tricks On How To Get A Better Price From Your Painting Contractor

If you’re searching for advice on how to get a better price from your painting contractor, you’ve come to the right place. Following the overwhelming response to our previous post, where we shared several insights on this topic, we decided to bring you seven more useful tips and tricks that tackle this challenge. Whether repainting your humble abode or working on a commercial renovation, these expert strategies will empower you to negotiate a more budget-friendly deal without sacrificing quality or service. Gear up to delve into these practical suggestions and give your painting project a fiscal facelift!

How to Get a Better Price from Your Painting Contractor

You may have read our previous popular article, “7 Tips for Getting a Cheaper Quote From Your House Painting Contractor for Painting Your House”. Well, I have something even more valuable for you as a homeowner if you’re still considering hiring a painter (hopefully me!). Here’s my blog, which offers 7 MORE tips on how to get a better price from your painting contractor.

But before we get into the tips and tricks, here’s a quick overview of what 5 factors affect the cost of estimating for painting your house:

  1. The Location of Your Home
  2. Local Labor Rates and Materials Prices
  3. Number of Stories in Your House and Size of Each Room (Square Footage)
  4. Type of Exterior Paint You Choose
  5. How Quickly You Want the Painting Done

When it comes to painting contractors, there is no such thing as a magic formula for getting a better price and a better job. How much does professional painting costs will always be a subjective evaluation. However, there are some things you can do to help the process go smoothly and get a better price from your painting contractor. Here’s what I recommend:

1) Help Set up The Job for Me

   •Interior: Move furniture to the middle of the room and try to declutter the area for us. Cover as much of your belongings as possible in plastic prior to us showing up.

    •Exterior: Hose off or pressure wash any surfaces to be painted. Trim any hedges or branches that may get in our way. Remove porch furniture if we are painting your porch or decks

2) Give Incentives to Help My Business (assuming you’re happy with the job, of course!)

    •Leave reviews and written testimony

    •Offer to provide video testimony

    •Take before and after pictures

    •Promote us with social media

Painter Flattening Stucco Ceiling
Painter Painting Interior Walls in Toronto

3) Choose Fewer Colours

  •Interior: Try to limit your colours to 5 or fewer. This saves us time from having to work with multiple paints. In fact, the fewer colours you choose the more I may be able to discount you.

    •Exterior: This is usually easier as not too many homes in Toronto have multiple colours. In this case, less really can be more.

4) Choose Colours that Match or Are Similar to the Original

For interiors, this may be difficult since typically the reason you paint is to change the colours. Here are some ways to make choices that will make our job easier, though:

    •Choose the same colour for the trim and doors (usually white or an off-white)

    •For walls, avoid three-coat situations. This means not choosing really dark colours if the walls are presently light. And not choosing really light colours if they are dark since both will require more coats.

    •Avoid painting accent walls since they always require 3 coats as well as more time to paint.

5) Avoid Painting Stucco/Popcorn Ceilings at All Costs

    •Popcorn or stucco ceilings use up a ton of paint and are more difficult to paint. In most cases because they require an oil primer.

    •They also require more time to set up the room as belongings need to be covered and protected.

    •Not painting these ceilings can save you a lot of money.

6) More Is Less

Every painting company has a minimum to make it worth their while to come out and do the job. Ask to maybe do 2-4 more rooms and I may be able to give you a package deal.

7) Simply Email Me and Ask

    •You never know what you might miss out on if you don’t ask.

    •Just email me and ask politely. You never know what I might say.

Painter Flattening Stucco Ceiling


Armed with these supplementary tips and tricks under your belt, you are now well-prepared to gain the upper hand in negotiations and get a better price from your painting contractor without sacrificing quality. The process may seem daunting initially, but remember; the key lies in informed decision-making and smart negotiation.

For a more comprehensive understanding, we also recommend you to check out our blogs on “10 Questions You Must Ask When Hiring A Painting Contractor” and “The 7 Biggest Homeowner Mistakes When Hiring A Painting Contractor“. Each holds incredible insights that every homeowner should know before embarking on the painting journey. Remember, a well-informed consumer is a smart consumer.

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