High Quality Flooring Ideas For Your Home

High Quality Flooring Ideas For Your Home

High Quality Flooring Ideas For Your Home

Having difficulty deciding on the best flooring for your home? Floors, like ceilings, are noticeable – so there’s no doubt that you’ll want to pick the best style of flooring that will be both original and practical. Natural stone , designer ceramic tiling, hand scraped hardwood, reclaimed hardwood, vinyl tiling, carpet and even carpet tiles are all quality options that, in the right rooms, and can serve long-term practical use in your home. Read on for some high quality flooring ideas that are functionally approved for any home.

Flooring Idea #1: Designer Ceramic Tile

  • These tiles are made of natural clay minerals and then fired under heat. You can get them with a glazed or matte finish.
  • Ceramic tile is not necessarily hard to install yourself but it is time consuming. Grouting, leveling, dry time and correct spacing are all factors that might be better left to a professional, unless you have had prior tiling experience.
  • Ceramic tile is practical flooring in bathrooms and kitchens because it is durable, stain resistant, scratch proof and water resistant.
  • Cleaning is easy, but the grout can get dirty quick.

Flooring Idea #2: Natural Stone

  • Stone tile is just one of many practical flooring ideas we have to offer.

    Natural stone is definitely a high quality flooring choice for your home. It’s eco-friendly, and can be crafted locally which supports your hometown!

  • Natural stone looks beautiful, and can be designed in a lot of colours and styles to match your interior decorating specifications.
  • You should have a professional install it since it can be a little tricky to place.
  • Natural stone is practical flooring in kitchens and bathrooms since it is durable, stain resistant, and water resistant.
  • Natural stone can unfortunately scratch easily if not sealed with a quality sealant.
  • Cleaning is easy which saves you time!

Flooring Idea #3: Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring

  • Hand scraped hardwood flooring is ever so charming when laid throughout the home. It is eco-friendly as well and is available in tons of designs that cater to your unique preference.
  • Because this type of hardwood is hand scraped by a professional craftsman it is customized with time and effort. As a result hand scraped hardwood flooring can be more expensive.
  • The durability of hand scraped hardwood can vary since you may not be as concerned with the appearance of a scratch on your floor because the customized hand scraped design may hide imperfections.
  • This type of flooring is ideal basically anywhere except for the bathroom and perhaps the kitchen.

Flooring Idea #4: Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring 

  • Reclaimed hardwood is a high quality flooring option.Reclaimed hardwood, like any other hardwood, is very easy on the eyes! Available in a variety of colours you can find reclaimed hardwood that will go great in any room!
  • Reclaimed hardwood is eco-friendly because it is made from already existing wood structure and reclaimed to serve as a hardwood floor alternative to promote going green which in turn helps the environment.
  • Long lasting and pretty durable, this type of flooring would go great anywhere other than damp areas in your home.
  • Reclaimed hardwood is great, but it can be hard to find.
  • Because reclaimed hardwood has such a high quality grade and is considered a green alternative – it can be more expensive due to the process involved in reclaiming it.

Flooring Idea #5: Vinyl Tile

  • Vinyl tile has so many different styles that you can find virtually any one you’re looking for!
  • Being inexpensive and soft on the feet makes vinyl tile a very common choice for homeowners.
  • If you install vinyl tile properly for moisture resistance it is very practical flooring in bathrooms, basements and kitchens.
  • Solid and composite vinyl tiles are not protected from stains so replacement may occur more frequently than anticipated.
  • Vinyl tile is not very eco-friendly at all, which can be a deal breaker for the majority of homeowners who truly care about the environmental impacts.

Flooring Idea #6: Carpet & Carpet Tile

  • Carpet is soft and cozy! This is why it is frequently placed in bedrooms and in living areas. These days, carpet has faded away slowly due to their affecting allergy sufferers. There is the option of buying a hypoallergenic alternative, and while it won’t be 100% allergen-free it will help those who love the material but not the sneezing and sniffling that often comes with it.
  • Hypoallergenic carpet can be more expensive than regular carpet so cost could be a factor to consider.
  • Carpet does not fit well in damp areas as it will soak up the moisture which is definitely not a good thing.
  • Frequent vacuuming may be required to keep the carpet clean and it can be easily stained.
  • Carpet tiles offer a new age look and can really flow nicely in bedrooms or living areas.
  • Well insulated and available in so many styles, carpet is a good cozy option for bedrooms.

With so many high quality flooring ideas for your home the possibilities are endless. Because a little knowledge can go a long way, you can reap the benefits of having both a personal and practical flooring style that best suits you and your home! But this can be a lot of information to much to take in, so why not let HPT help you out? Call us NOW at 416-494-9095 or [email protected].

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