Seasonal Checklist for Home Maintenance

Seasonal Checklist for Home Maintenance

As the seasons change so do our duties and responsibilities as homeowners. Every season brings with it a different kind of weather that we need to prepare for to avoid any problems with our property. We all want to keep our homes in tip-top shape, especially through out the harsher seasons that can result in the largest wear and tear. As you read on you’ll discover all of our home maintenance tips, starting with summer!

Fall Season Needs Painting

Fall home maintenance

Unfortunately for many of us, fall means that summer has come to an end and cool temperatures have begun. The leaves will start to drop and you’ll spend less time outside of your house. If you live in an area where trees surround your property you’ll be blessed with a beautiful sight, but it can be an awful cleanup. As it gets colder in the later days of fall, you may even consider turning on your fireplace, which also requires its fair share of home maintenance. 

  • 1. Make sure you clean out your gutters at least once a month to avoid damage due to too much buildup
  • 2. Rake the leaves as regularly as you can and dispose of them in leaf bags or use them for mulch
  • 3. Check your roof for any cracks and take a look at your chimney to be sure it’s fit for use
  • 4. Inspect your snowblower to check that it’s in working condition
  • 5. Put away your garden hose and store away any patio furniture
  • 6. Examine your carbon monoxide detector and smoke alarms to make sure their batteries don’t need changing
  • 7. Have your furnace inspected as it will be very important to you surviving the winter
  • 8. Install weather strips on any windows and doors that are not sealed tight to keep the warm air in and save on your utility bills
Spring Season Needs Painting

Spring home maintenance

Glorious spring! Doesn’t it always feel like it comes too late? The term “spring cleaning” is very fitting for this season. Since while you were hibernating indoors for months, the yard and exterior of your house have suffered through the winter and now need to be revived. Head outside and start sprucing up your home so that you can begin enjoying the warmer weather and beautiful flowers!

  • 1. The eaves-troughs probably froze a fair amount during the winter, so try to clean them out now as best as you can. Check your roof over as well
  • 2. Hopefully any paint on your home has stayed resilient. If not you may need to touch this up a little
  • 3. Wash all of your windows both inside and out
  • 4. Now is the time to break out your patio furniture and garden decorations again
  • 5. Grab your lawnmower and get it back in shape and start taking the necessary steps to bring your lawn back to life
  • 6. Watch for weeds popping up. If you don’t remove them right away they’ll spread over your property faster than you can say “spring flowers”! 
  • 7. Do you have a sump pump? You should take the time to test it out and make sure it still works well
Winter Season Needs Painting

Winter home maintenance

Fall was there to prep you for the cold, and now that the snow is here you can enjoy the winter sports and test your patience as you endure the never-ending snow shoveling! While our home maintenance seasonal checklist for fall covered a lot of very important items, there are still a few things to watch out for. After all, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your house is a safe and warm place for you and your family! 

  • 1. Cover up the central air system to keep it protected during the harsh snowfalls. If you have an external air conditioner remove that from the window as it doesn’t offer nearly the same protection from the winter air as double-paned glass
  • 2. Fall is the time to remove your solar lights and store them away until spring
  • 3. Put your snow shovel in a convenient area for easy access during less than favorable weather conditions
  • 4. Now that you’re running the furnace regularly you want to make sure to clean and/or replace the filter when necessary
  • 5. Be sure your drains are free of any debris that may clog them. Plumbing issues that could result otherwise will be very difficult to solve while the ground is frozen
Summer Season Needs Painting

Summer home maintenance

Sunny days, late nights, and that gorgeous weather! It really is a shame summer doesn’t last longer in Canada. You’ve probably been counting down the days for summer to arrive, and it’s safe to say that so has everyone else! Summer is the best time to spend outdoors, catch some rays and enjoy the fresh air. It’s not the season to forget about all of your home responsibilities though! There are still a few things you should do to maintain your home during the hot days ahead. 

  • 1. Stay on top of pruning the plants and bushes around your home
  • 2. Cut your grass and landscape your yard regularly to maintain a well-kept appearance
  • 3. Check your air conditioner and heat filters and change them if necessary
  • 4. Flush out your water heater
  • 5. Scrub your fridge and get any other kitchen appliances nice and clean again! 
  • 6. Wheel out your barbecue and make sure it’s in good shape for the food you’re going to be grilling on it this season

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