Fall might just be the perfect time of year to tick off those items on your home maintenance checklist. When you’re working outside, the weather isn’t too hot or too terribly chilly. It rests nicely in that beautiful in-between temperature range. Also, there doesn’t tend to be too many horribly rainy days in the fall in Ontario either, which lends itself to doing some exterior maintenance work.

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The thing to think about when you’re putting together your fall home maintenance checklist is the weather that’s coming. Also, keep at the forefront of your mind all of those little things you might have discovered over the spring and summer. They might become quite worrisome when the cold weather and snow hits.

So, let’s dig into our full list for your fall home maintenance checklist!

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist: Exterior Home Repairs

There are so many important details to think about when it comes to your fall home maintenance checklist. One thing that falls to the top of that list is ensuring that your aluminum siding, wood or vinyl siding is in decent shape. This is important if you want to make sure your home is weather-proof for the upcoming cold and snowy season.

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If you happen to have wood siding and find you need to repair rotted wood siding pieces, they can easily be remedied in just a few steps. You can completely replace the wood siding paneling or simply use some epoxy to repair the rotted wood. See this blog about how to do wood siding repair or replacement for all the details. If you can’t handle the repairs yourself, it’s best to reach out to a professional to have your siding, roofing and foundation all properly checked out.

Clean your gutters

For this fall maintenance checklist item, you might want to wait until the end of October to really jump on this one. Basically, whenever you start to see the leaves falling (and they just keep falling) wherever you live. Because if you clean your gutters too soon, they might build right up again before fall is even over.

But it’s really important to clean out your gutters every single fall. If they get really clogged, the water will not properly divert away from your home. Which could lead to all sorts of foundation, structural or roof damage and even mold and mildew inside your home. If you’re not comfortable yourself getting up on a high ladder and cleaning out your gutters, be sure to hire a professional for this fall maintenance checklist task.

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Rake leaves & tree clean-up

All of the pretty orange and red leaves look awfully beautiful when they’re spread out over your yard in the months of October and November. The thing is though, if you don’t rake them up for the season, they just cause problems later on. If leaves stay in your yard, it can actually cause issues for spring growth when you want all your flowers and annual plants to come up. So, it’s best to keep a yard clean of leaves as a part of your fall maintenance checklist.


It’s also vitally important to take the time in the fall months to trim your trees. There may be some ice and snow storms ahead for you in the winter time. It’s best to make sure any overextended branches are taken care of. If you’re not quite sure where to start with this, there are specialists and tree-trimmers who will definitely help you out here.

Stock-up on supplies

Lastly, a big part of the fall maintenance checklist is to gather any supplies for the next season. Here in Ontario, we’re privileged enough to experience all of the seasons — so, winter is coming, folks! On that note, it’s time to make sure you have all the supplies you’re going to need. Because one random day in November, you might wake up to a white blanket of snow outside and not have what you need!

For your maintenance checklist for fall, it’s best to make sure you have a good snow shovel handy. Also, be sure to have safe ice-melter or salt for the driveway too. If you’re somewhere that gets a lot of snow over the winter months and you have a snow blower, check that out too. It might even be a good idea to have it serviced. That way, when the snow does fly, you are fully prepared!