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best home theatre projector ideas for indoor movie night

How to set up a projector 

Do you miss going to the movies? We know that in a lot of places right now, things are starting to open back up. But that doesn’t mean everyone feels comfortable venturing out into a movie theatre right now. This is exactly when you need to be thinking of viewing movies in the comfort of your own home! We’re here to offer you lots of tips on how to set up a projector, which walls are the best for optimal viewing, interior paint colours and so much more.

What space in your house to choose

One of the first things you’re going to want to think about in terms of how to set up a projector is what room you’re going to put it in. You want to make sure that you’ve picked the best room possible in order to have the best movie viewing experience!

Our top suggestions are rooms that feature big expansive wall space that isn’t hindered with artwork or photos. For a lot of people, they can usually find the space for an HD projector in their living room. After all, it’s usually where you lay on the couch and watch movies anyway. If not in the living room, if you can get cozy in the basement, there is usually lots of free wall space down there. Simply get all your pillows and blankets together and make a fort with the kids!

Lastly, another good room for your HD projector could be a bedroom. A lot of people like to keep their master bedrooms fairly minimal. So, if you have space on the wall opposite to your bed, how great does that sound? Cozy blankets, snacks and your own personal movie theater right the comfort of your own bed!

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How to set up a projector: interior paint

In terms of interior paint choices for your HD projector, you’re going to want your walls to be as white as possible. If you’re looking to set up your projector in your living room, but the wall is painted a burgundy, that just doesn’t work in terms of interior paint. Think of your walls as the movie screen! They just need to be white, right?

If you’re really dedicated to this idea and need to do some interior painting prior to setting up, you’re going to want to choose the best white paint. Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace is the ideal choice. It’s crisp and fresh and clean looking. You can also opt for an off-white for your movie projector wall as well. In that case, Pure White is a good choice for interior paint. It’s still in that white world, but slightly dusty.

How to set up a projector

In terms of actually thinking about how to set up a projector for movies in your home, there are a few other items to think about. You want to get your at-home HD projector orientation to the wall at just the right height. Otherwise, it could end up projecting half on the wall and half on the ceiling, which isn’t ideal!

Then you want to plug your projector in and make your connection (usually through HDMI cables) to the device which will play your movie. From there, you’ll likely find that your projector has an alignment image. Set that up to display on your wall in order to have a reference point. You might need to make a few adjustments for clarity, focus or picture mode. But once you have that figured out, you’re almost there! We recommend hooking up your Bluetooth speaker in order to have the best sound possible.

Affordable HD Projectors

If you don’t have an HD projector and are unsure of what direction to go in, we’re here to help! Like any electronic purchase, you don’t have to go super expensive and high-end to get a decent product. There are plenty of HD projectors that are affordable and still of high quality.

If you’re quite dedicated to this whole venture of HD projectors and fun movie nights at home, the Optoma HD143X is a great option. It produces a nice picture with an affordable price ticket (seeing as the higher end HD projectors can go for thousands of dollars).

Also, if you’re willing to try a really good deal, the 5500 Lumen HD projector is a steal on Amazon. It has some really amazing reviews and is less than $150!

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