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Before you paint this year, you will want to check out the 2024 Top Interior Colours. There are top paint colours, like Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter, that stand the test of time. Or a crisp but warm-toned white like White Dove that is versatile in any light or room. There’s also something coined “builders-beige” such as Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams. You can’t go wrong with any of these tried-and-true, colours that really do work well in any space. But, if you want to be on trend with your interior paint colours this year, here are some top paint picks for 2024.

2024’s Top Interior Colours – Manufacturer’s Picks

1. Top interior colours 2024 Sherwin Williams- Upward

Upward, a masterful creation by Sherwin-Williams falls comfortably within our trending soothing blue category. It is airy and delicate, and it carries an undertone of grey, adding depth to its tranquillity. It crafts a calming sanctuary out of your space, particularly suitable for bathrooms and bedrooms where calmness is paramount.

Upward by Sherwin-Williams

2. Top interior colours 2024 Benjamin Moore- Blue Nova

Blue Nova takes the soothing blue trend a step ahead. A somewhat brighter spin around the tranquil blue spectrum, it holds an incredible balance of calm and vibrancy. It’s a versatile fit, making it an impeccable choice for living areas or even kitchens where you wish to infuse peaceful energy.

Blue Nova by Benjamin Moore

3. Renew Blue by Valspar

Valspar’s Renew Blue allows us to step into a more playful territory within the soothing blue trend. It’s fresh, reminiscent of clear blue skies, and adds the perfect pop of character to any space. Think feature walls or children’s bedrooms for this refreshing shade.

Renew Blue by Valspar

4. Dulux top interior colours 2024-Sweet Embrace

Enter our charming coral option – Sweet Embrace by Dulux. An endearing, romantic fusion of pink and orange that exudes both warmth and elegance. A splendid selection for a dining room, an accent wall or a sophisticated yet lively bedroom.

Sweet Embrace by Dulux

5. Peach Fuzz by Pantone

Pantone’s Peach Fuzz stands proudly in our charming coral category. It’s a gender-neutral option, providing just the right amount of pop without overwhelming the space. Consider Peach Fuzz for spaces like the kitchen, the living room, or even an eclectic workspace for an uplifting ambience.

Peach Fuzz by Pantone

2024’s Top Interior Colour – Greys

Grey is not just grey. Visit the paint store, and you’ll find yourself staring at a lot more than just 50 shades of grey. There are greys that cast beige, greys that cast green, and greys that cast purple. Plus, there are so many shades in between. There are soft, almost-white greys all the way to rich charcoal greys. If you want grey, it’s time to get more specific. Stonington Grey By Benjamin Moore – if you want a true grey without undertones, this is the shade for you. It’s light enough you can do your entire home in it and you won’t have to worry about lighting or your furniture bringing out a different colour in your paint. Grey Owl By Benjamin Moore – It can cast a little green, but it is a beautiful, crisp grey that looks excellent set against white and charcoal. It’s a top pick by many designers. Kendall Charcoal By Benjamin Moore – It’s a top pick in 2020 for a darker charcoal grey. It looks fantastic as a feature wall, a front door or an interior door.

2024’s Top Interior Colour – Whites

The top three white colours from Benjamin Moore are White Dove, Chantilly Lace and Cloud White. Chantilly Lace is a cool and crisp white. Cloud White is creamy and warm. White Dove is almost in between. It is still a warm white but is fresh and crisp, too.

2024’s Top Interior Colour – Beiges

Go beyond the average “builder beige”. There’s a reason there is a term coined that. Beige is a colour that can work with anything which is why many builders select it for the homes they are building to sell on speculation. Sherwin Williams Barcelona Beige- It’s a neutral beige that is versatile. It isn’t too grey, or too warm. If you’re looking for a top interior colour for your home, there are a variety of ways to find the right colour. Visit a paint store and take home the manufacturer’s booklets. That will give you a good start. Go online to Pinterest or Houzz and start looking at palettes and paints. Or ask a designer. Or, start by calling us first. Not only can we help you professionally paint your space, but our colour consultant can visit your home to help you pick the right paint. Home Painters Toronto has been painting homes for over 36 years and we’ve seen it all. We’d love to help you choose a shade, and then make sure it gets painted to look its best. Call us today.

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