top colours for your powder room

Don’t you just love the idea of a cool and aesthetically pleasing little powder room? There’s just something about the idea of using your powder room to create a completely unique yet functional space — it really gets those home renovation juices flowing!

The thing about your powder room is that you don’t have to treat it like a normal bathroom. It’s usually just the small half bathroom that’s off your living room or kitchen, with full access for guests. There’s no shower or bathtub or extraneous tile design to worry about. There’s usually just enough space for a toilet, vanity and sink. And it’s just an in and out process for your guests too. So, that’s exactly why you need to really make an impact with your style!

things to consider for a powder room

As we previously discussed, powder rooms are usually on the smaller side. Sometimes you will come across a larger space, but not often. For most small half bathrooms, you’re going to want to consider the light in the room. Is there a window letting in some natural light? Or are you just depending on sconces or vanity lights to brighten the room? This can really make an impact on the paint colour you feature on the walls.

If you’re looking to up your style game in your basic half bathroom, it can really be so simple to add in some personality! After all, who said small spaces shouldn’t work to define your house too? Every room, big and small, can help to contribute to the overall aesthetic of your home.

different powder room styles

Even though you’re looking to decorate your powder room, it doesn’t mean you get to slack in terms of inspiration. A small space is really a chance to follow your whims on how you really visualize this unique space. You can think about different themes and styles for your powder room. If you’re looking to have a more modern feel to your half bathroom, you could feature a dark accent wall and gold accessories and light fixtures.

Maybe your style is more classic and you really want your powder room to reflect that. Featuring a wall with some printed wallpaper and some really beautiful sconces on each side of your mirror could be ideal. Or if you’re more into a rustic style, think of a wood vanity that’s either white or natural. With maybe some brass fixtures on your sink. You could even do a nice light natural wood accent wall as well. The possibilities are truly endless!

top colours for your powder room

Image from Benjamin Moore

For a small powder room with no windows, you really don’t have to back away from the darker colours. Why not embrace the moody or edgier vibes and go full dark mode. Marine Blue 2059-10 is a beautiful blackened navy that would make the perfect accent wall colour or overall room feature. When you go dark with your paint, be sure to play off of it with rich gold and brass fixtures and a simple vanity.

If you want to play with a rather refreshing look for your powder room, green blues are huge this season. Buxton Blue HC-149  is a great choice as it’s more contemporary than a beach inspired theme. But you can still diversify it to your taste with room accessories too.

Image from Benjamin Moore

Image from Benjamin Moore

A powder room is the ideal room to spotlight your favorite colour. Feel free to add a little femininity too! Benjamin Moore’s Colour Of The Year 2020 is First Light 2102-70. This soft airy pink would be absolutely inspired in a small powder room. Think of all the cute little touches you could feature in a room this shade!

Lastly, why not go full out and use one of the most popular colours of 2020 for your powder room? Golden Straw 2152-50 is a rich yet creamy golden yellow and it’s just screaming to be featured in your half bathroom. Just imagine the scene with a cool floating natural wood shelf and old fashioned sink. It oozes modern yet timeless vibes!

Image from Benjamin Moore

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