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College Student Painters and Why They Are Not Your Best Home Painters

As soon as the snow melts and the sun comes out, you’ll start seeing signs and flyers for student painters. College student painter companies tout their low cost and quick service and it might be tempting to give them a call. It sounds like a win for everyone involved on the surface. You get your home painted for cheap, and college students have jobs for the summer. But, it may not always be your best choice. That’s because cheap painting is often equal to a lack of experience.

After all, you get what you pay for. How is it that college student painters can get the job done for so cheap? How is it that they stay in business? Well, for starters, it boils down to cheap labour. Cheap labour boils down to inexperience. But, these companies stay in business because there will always be someone looking to save a nickel (sometimes to spend a dime).

The Business Model of College Student Painters

Of course, any business has a goal to make money. But the business model behind most college student painting companies is focused on sales. Many of the franchises are not owned and operated by professional painters, and the people doing the sales and quoting do not have painting experience either. The goal is to get as many jobs as possible. They could run the same business model within any industry as the focus is more on sales than on the actual love for painting.

the business model of college student painters

Because they pay students a cheaper wage than they would a more experienced painter, they’re able to go lower on a quote than a professional company. In many cases, students are also running the entire business, which can also save on costs and overhead.


Your home will be painted by a student who is painting for a summer job. They are not dedicated to the art and craft of painting homes. In most cases, their experience is minimal. They haven’t had extensive training in painting techniques or safety measures.

Safety & Insurance

It’s important that any trades you have working at your home have the proper insurance. In addition, you want to ensure exterior home painters have received safety training and have safety protocols to follow. Because these are not career painters, they will not have the painting experience and safety prevention experience.

Quality of Work

When you select college student painters to paint your home, you are getting painters who have made this their summer job, not their career. They are being paid by the job, and are motivated to finish quickly to move to the next project. It’s called piecemeal work and means the faster they work, the more money they make per hour. How can you be sure they are not cutting corners?

The Paint Job by College Student Painters

Can you remember the first time you painted a room? You likely had a lot of mess and drips. Once again, you are not hiring professional painters. For some, your home might be one of the first they’ve ever painted. Is that really what you want for your home?

It’s Not About Them Being College Students

We don’t tell you this because they’re college students, but rather because their inexperienced painters. We understand College student painting companies provide a valuable opportunity for students to make money while on break from school.

We’re not opposed to college students. In fact, we often have several working for us, earning a decent wage while learning the business. But, the difference is they undertake painting and safety training and are working as assistants to our professional painters.

If you’re thinking about hiring college student painters, give us a call instead. The team of painters at Home Painters Toronto are experienced, professional and award-winning. Your house will be in good hands. Call us for a quote. We’d love to paint your home.

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