Why We Don't Use Subcontractors

Why We Don’t Use Subcontractors

Professionalism is always important for Home Painters Toronto, and that’s why we don’t use subcontractors or day labourers to work in your home. Home Painters Toronto is a genuine and highly skilled team of painting professionals, and we don’t just hire anyone off the street looking for a quick buck. don't use subcontractorsThe problem with companies that choose to hire subcontractors or day labourers is that their skills vary so widely. Of course you may find a person who is totally capable of doing the job, but they may lack customer service skills or attention to detail. Those types of people are usually college students who are looking for a part-time gig and not something permanent. Hiring only qualified and compassionate employees is essential for us a business and especially for you, the homeowner.

We Offer More Than Subcontractors or Day Labourers

When you hire us you get our two year guarantee. This means that we don’t just enter your house, paint, and leave forever – we’re still there for you. Painting subcontractors or day labourers, on the other hand, just get the job done and get out. As a professional painting company we promise to never leave you high and dry.

Always remember that the people you hire at Home Painters Toronto are professional painters who truly enjoy what they do and aim to make you happy as well! Home Painters Toronto’s experienced painters get full criminal background checks so you can feel safe when there are people in your home around your valuables. Our painters are respectful and careful from the moment they set foot on your property, which isn’t something you can ever guarantee with subcontractors or day labourers.

Make Sure You’re Hiring Professional Painterssubcontractors in Toronto

If you are unsure about the company you are about to hire, don’t hire them! It’s as simple as that. Home Painters Toronto has full workers compensation and liability insurance and we are the most trusted and reliable painting company around! When you hire Home Painters Toronto , your experienced Toronto painting crew, you don’t have to compromise on price over quality. Flexible payment plans offer affordability so you get the service you want and need without sacrificing professional work. From using top quality products to a large scale paint job – nothing is too much for Home Painters Toronto to handle and we guarantee it.

To protect you as the homeowner and to fulfil our passion for our trade Home Painters Toronto has a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Never forget to ask important questions of other prospective painting companies like: are they properly licensed, documented, and insured? Are they trusted with a professional and proven reputation? Do they hire subcontractors and day labourers? Are they safe? Above all, you need a company that will give you the service you deserve, and the only way to get that is to hire the best company around: Home Painter’s Toronto.

Call Home Painters Toronto today! To speak to one of our professionals, please email Brian@HomePaintersToronto.com or call us at 416 494 9095, and relax when you hire a professional painting company and not inexperienced subcontractors.

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Hello and welcome!

I’m both deeply honoured and flattered you are considering using our services.

Since 1987 when I was at York University simply earning my way through school, I’ve had the privilege to meet and work with thousands of amazing homeowners like yourself.

Besides the birth of my daughter, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a homeowner’s life change when we have transformed their dream home into a masterpiece. For that reason, we take our jobs very seriously and are committed to our cause.

At Home Painters our mission is to paint homeowners’ dreams, and make your painting experience last a lifetime!
I look forward to hopefully meeting you one day, as it brings me tremendous joy to make homeowner’s dreams come true.