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How to prep a room for painting

One might think that the largest chunk of the labour and work goes into the actual painting process. But the prep is just as important! If you get any of the prep wrong or forget a crucial step along the way, it slows you right down. You don’t want to have to stop and go back. Thinking about how to prep a room for painting deserves just as much attention as the paint job!

The thing is, once you start painting, you’re not going to want to stop! It can feel so very exciting to renew a space with paint. There are lots of little things to remember and get ready before the painting process starts. So, let’s dig right into how to prep a room for painting!

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How to prep a room for painting: remove items from walls

We’ll get you started with some of the easier steps for how to prep a room for painting! If you have any artwork or photos hanging from the walls, now is the time to get them down. Store them in a safe place away from where the painting is going to be happening.

If you have lighting scones up on the walls, you can either remove them entirely for the time being. Or you can cover them up with some plastic and tape. Now is also a good time to unscrew any plates or outlet covers from the walls as well. Cover up the exposed outlets with painter’s tape for protection.

Cleaning out your space

Now comes the part that involves a little muscle! When you’re thinking about how to prep a room for painting, you will likely need to vacate some furniture. Don’t try to lift or move the any bigger items all on your own. Couches or units right up against the walls will need to be moved though.

If you don’t have the extra rooms or space for storage, simply move the furniture into the center of the room. From there, simply cover them carefully with plastic or drop cloths. You want to make sure there’s that layer of protection!

How to prep a room for painting: repair work 

Now that you have your room fairly cleared of furniture and everything off the walls, now is the time for repair work. This doesn’t have to be a hard step either. All you need is some drywall spackle, a putty knife and good sandpaper.

If you find any small dings in the wall or holes from previous artwork or lighting scones, you’ll want to patch those up. The key with spackle is to not use too much! Also, if you have a bigger gap to fill, it’s best to use a primer first. That way your patchwork won’t show through the new paint.

After your spackle has been left to dry for a day, grab your sandpaper or sanding block along with a face mask. Rub the surface with the sand paper in order to smooth out any of that spackle. If you have plans to paint your trims and doors, you might as well do the sanding job for them as well.

wall painting designs for living room

Cleaning, Covering & Taping 

Next comes everyone’s favourite step in the whole how to prep a room for painting process — cleaning and washing the walls. It’s important to try and get rid of any built up dirt and stains that rest on the walls prior to painting.

Any of the furniture that’s still left in the room that was too heavy to move, you want to be sure to cover it up. Also, it’s always smart to use drop cloths over top your floors as well. After all, painting can get a bit messy at times!

Lastly, don’t forget to make use of painter’s tape as well. You’re going to need it to tape around door frames, trims and windows. It can make those painting those corners go a lot smoother.

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Don’t forget that the very last step in how to prep a room for painting is to give it a coat of primer! Priming before painting is so crucial. Not only does it help for your paint to go on evenly and smoothly, but it can actually make your paint colours stand out more. After your priming job is dry, that’s it for how to prep a room for painting. You’re ready to go with painting!

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