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We are constantly inspired by the work of designers throughout Canada. Our country is just chock full of talented individuals who get as jazzed about paint and design as we do! Included on that list is designer, stylist, author and podcast host, Tiffany Pratt.

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If you head on over to Tiffany’s website, Tiffanypratt.com, you will find yourself in a sharp world featuring every colour of the rainbow. It goes without saying that this designer is truly obsessed with colour! Let’s dig right into our conversation with HGTV host, Tiffany Pratt.

How did tiffany pratt find design?

Sometimes the fates can intersect when it comes to our life’s passions. You’ll just sense this intrinsic pull towards something that you don’t even fully understand. Such was the case for Tiffany Pratt in terms of design. She believes that she “fell in love with design before” she even really knew what design was. Pratt truly felt as though “it lived” within her and even though she felt this huge pull, things still took time to evolve. Tiffany found that it took a while for design to “actualize” in her life. What’s that old saying? The best things in life are worth waiting for. Sounds pretty fitting, right?

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Tiffany Pratt’s design inspiration & trends

If you visit Tiffany Pratt’s Instagram, @thetiffanypratt, it’s an array of colour that leaves you feeling happy and joyful! In terms of designing a space, Tiffany always “starts with the purpose of a space” as well as the people and feelings you want them to have. Pratt discussed having to “treasure hunt” what is of value to those involved and how sometimes function and organization comes to the forefront.

As far as trends are concerned, Tiffany Pratt’s designer advice is to never blindly follow them! The very idea of a trend is that it’s popular in the moment and often not down the line. And in the end, Pratt feels like “you always want to love your space and what we love is not always trending”. Along with that, she feels as though you have to be true to who you are. You want to “build a space that works for you” and makes you feel at home!

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HGTV & Her New Podcast Love Jam

Tiffany Pratt is no stranger to the design world in terms of popular television as well. She’s been the host of HGTV’s Home to Win and Buy It, Fix It, Sell It. Pratt calls “being a host on TV a wild ride”. She describes the most important part to be “maintaining your own point of view”. Tiffany feels as though designing on a television show is a pleasure and that it can be really fun to “watch things unfold in new and exciting ways”. There’s a new show debuting this fall on HGTV Canada called Family Home Overhaul in which she’ll be featured in a few episodes. This one is all about rebuilding homes for those truly in need and Pratt describes that part of her work as “very rewarding and heart filling”. 

Tiffany has also jumped on the podcast bandwagon and has learned so much along the way! In collaboration with Delta Faucet Canada, Pratt’s podcast is entitled Love Jam. Even though so much of her life’s work is based around design, she wanted to bring love into the mix. After all, everything in her life she does “with LOVE”. She hopes to inspire people as she speaks from her heart and discusses with guests “how they brought love into their life”. 

tiffany pratt's instagram post with flowers and decor

What colour means to tiffany pratt

Designer Tiffany Pratt does not mess around when it comes to colour because according to her, “colour is the tops!” From a designing point of view, Tiffany finds that “paint is the easiest and most affordable way to transform anything”. She firmly believes that “the right paint colour can mean the world to a space”. Paint always factors in huge with her designs. She hopes to motivate homeowners to be unafraid when it comes to colour and just “go for it”! Pratt wants to inspire that “fearlessness” towards using colour in design as much as she can. 

As far as social media is concerned, Tiffany Pratt loves to use her own Instagram as an “active mood board that everyone can see”. If you head over to her page and have a look (@realtiffanypratt), you will find yourself so inspired by her use of colour in just about everything she touches. She wants “everyone to see what she sees”, from “the colours, places, inspirations, and materials” she uses. Her goal is to keep things light, inspiring and to help evoke joy. We’d say you got the mission accomplished, Tiffany!

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Some images were taken from Tiffany Pratt’s Instagram.

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