A Green Moment With Plant Stylist, Planting Bliss Co
Have you ever looked around your space and felt that it was just missing something? Luckily for us, there are people out there like Brittany Leonardelli who are here to help in the most unexpected of ways! Brittany is the founder of Planting Bliss Co. One of her greatest life’s passions is to inspire people to take more chances with their indoor gardening. As a plant stylist, she is able to help clients “elevate their space through adding living decor”. How cool does that sound? Interested in learning a little more about this unique (and much-needed) venture? Let’s dig right into our (very green) conversation with Brittany from Planting Bliss Co.!

A Green Moment With Plant Stylist, Planting Bliss Co.

Plant Stylist, Brittany Leonardelli’s Love Of Plants

So, let’s go back to the beginning for a moment. You have to wonder when it all began for Brittany, the founder of Planting Bliss Co. Because when you start a company that’s completely dedicated to bringing plants or “living decor” into one’s home spaces, those roots have to come from somewhere strong. According to Brittany, her love of plants and gardening started at a very young age. Her family was a huge influence because everyone enjoyed gardening and had plants around their homes. Specifically her “Nonna”, who always had a ton of indoor plants growing up. And it wasn’t that she knew “everything there was to know about plants”; it was her willingness to try and see what happened! Brittany delights in how, to this day, her family is the first to offer someone a clipping of their plants. She loves that little reminder of how plants offer a true sense of community.

How Planting Bliss Co. Got Started

For Brittany, Planting Bliss Co. becoming a full-time business came very organically. It began with Brittany simply sharing her love of plants within her community with “hopes to inspire others”. She soon realized that people were craving plants in their space. They just didn’t know how to achieve the look or how to take care of them. She started sharing online as a way to offer inspiration as well as information. That sharing grew naturally into her now full-time business as a plant stylist and main service, which she calls “Interior Plant Concierge.”

So, what are Toronto and area clients typically looking for from a plant stylist? For the most part, Brittany finds that they’re looking to add plants to a “plant-less” space. They usually don’t really know where to start or what types of plants will work in their home. One thing she finds that they are aware of though is the benefits of adding plants to your space. So, this is exactly where Planting Bliss Co. steps in!

So, what does the creative process look like for a plant stylist?

For Planting Bliss Co., coming up with the design proposal for plant styling is such a fun part of the process. After Brittany obtains the measurements and photos of the space, she proceeds to lock herself away in her office. She puts on soft music and sprawls out all her favourite indoor plant books for inspiration. She considers everything from her “clients’ wants, decor style, budget, and lifestyle”. Brittany also stops to think about different options for planters that will work well in the space. After that, she usually spends a bit of time drawing out plant styling concepts directly on clients’ photos through the computer. 

Interested in booking a creative and dedicated plant stylist in the Toronto area? Head on over to see Planting Bliss Co. on Instagram to check out more photos of their amazing plant styling services!

A few tips & tricks from a trusted plant stylist

Are you someone who has shied away from implementing plants into your home space because you’re afraid of keeping them alive? We have a few tips and tricks from trusted plant stylist Brittany at Planting Bliss Co. Firstly, one of her biggest tips is to pay close attention to your watering habits. It’s always important to remember that your plants tend to have different needs in the fall and winter months. Their watering needs change, so she suggests really getting in there and feeling the soil with your hands. If it feels light and dusty, it’s likely a good time to water. If it still feels heavy and moist, you can probably wait a couple of days.

Lastly, we had to ask Brittany what she feels plants can really add to a home space. She spoke passionately about how she feels that plants add a “massive sense of comfort to a space.”. Brittany firmly believes that they “inspire creativity and thoughtfulness” and just add a “beautiful sense of welcome.”. Plants can take a space that’s cold and uninviting to warm and homey in a few strategic steps!

Blog Interview Planting Bliss Co Shot Of Britanny

Harmonizing Plant Bliss with Home Painters Toronto

Imagine the scene: vibrant, freshly painted walls providing the perfect backdrop for your curated selection of lush greenery. It’s the kind of harmonious union that turns a mere living space into a den of personal sanctuary. That’s the power of combining the expertise of Planting Bliss Co. with the craftsmanship of Home Painters Toronto (HPT). As your beacon in the world of home improvement and media relations, let us guide you through this transformative collaboration.

Home Painters Toronto, a leading painting service provider, has spent years perfecting the craft of colour and finish for residential and commercial spaces. Planting Bliss Co.’s plant styling art meets HPT’s dedication to creating beautiful interiors, and the result is nothing short of breathtaking.

Interior With Plants

The Intersection of Colour and Nature

Both Planting Bliss Co. and Home Painters Toronto understand that colour and nature are not separate entities but rather complementary forces in design. Here, we’ll explore how their services interlace to enrich your space.

The Deep Impact of Colour

Colour sets the emotional tone of a room—soft blues instill calmness, vibrant yellows evoke happiness, and earthy greens bring a sense of tranquillity. Home Painters Toronto provides a rich palette of paint colours to choose from, offering expert advice on which shades will enhance your indoor environment.

Adding Life with Greenery

Once the palette is set, an indoor plant stylist like Planting Bliss Co. steps in to add volume, texture, and a spark of life. They skillfully select plants that not only thrive in your chosen light and environmental conditions but also complement and contrast your new wall colours, ensuring your greenery stands out as a living art piece.

A Step-by-Step Symbiotic Process

It’s about creating a narrative between your walls and plants—a story only you can tell. Here is how we envision a seamless journey with HPT and Planting Bliss Co.:

  1. Consultation with Home Painters Toronto: Assess your space and determine the ambiance you want to create. HPT will help you select colours that reflect your vision, considering factors such as light, space, usage, and existing decor.
  2. Painting Begins: HPT’s skilled painters will transform your space with precision and care, ensuring a flawless finish that serves as the canvas for your green infusion.
  3. Plant Styling by Planting Bliss Co.: Following the paint transformation, Planting Bliss Co. comes into play. They will evaluate the new colours and lighting conditions, determining the best plants to flourish in your newly painted space.
  4. Installation & Final Touches: With the painting complete and plants hand-selected, Planting Bliss Co. will arrange your greenery, ensuring each plant is perfectly positioned to complement the fresh look and feel established by HPT.

Ongoing Support: Both HPT and Planting Bliss Co. are dedicated to excellence and customer satisfaction, offering guidance and tips to maintain the quality of the paint and the health of your plants.

By choosing this dynamic collaboration of home painters and interior plant designers, you’re not only enhancing the aesthetic of your home but also investing in the well-being of your daily environment. It’s a strategic partnership where colour meets chlorophyll, walls meet wisps of green, and every stroke of the paintbrush is a step toward achieving your vision of a peaceful, vibrant home.

Embrace the transformation with Home Painters Toronto and Planting Bliss Co., and watch as your space turns into a testament to tailored beauty and serene living. Ready to embark on this journey? Connect with these teams today, and take that confident step toward the cohesive home design you’ve always envisioned.

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Some images were taken from Planting Bliss Co.’s Instagram & Brittany Leonardelli’s personal collection.

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