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A Moment With Toronto Design Consultant, House of Borg

A Moment With Toronto Design Consultant, House Of Borg

At Home Painters Toronto, we love taking a moment to look at some of the talented individuals around us doing incredible work. There is so much happening in terms of design right now. We have to stop and admire those who are a part of that inspiring world of people making it all happen! Which is what brought us to our conversation with Toronto design consultant, Gabriella from House of Borg.

Professional Toronto design consultant, Gabriella from House of Borg.

If you’re at all interested in the world of modern interior design, this is one conversation to check out. Let’s dig right into our moment with design consultant, Gabriella Nassief Borg from House of Borg.

When did Gabriella first discover her passion for design consulting? 

If you check out the House of Borg website, you’re immediately met with tons of colour and personality! As the founder, Gabriella Nassief Borg sanctions her love of design and spaces starting from a young age. She attended art school growing up and has a background in the visual arts. It also doesn’t hurt that both of her parents are artists, so her home “was always a creative space”. And about eight years ago, she made the decision to delve a little deeper into the world of interior design.

In her work as the founding design consultant at House of Borg, Gabriella really takes pride in her “obsessive eye for flow”. She also really has a knack for “creative design solutions”. They offer a number of different services to Toronto and the GTA. Everything from full space consultations to revamping just a single room in your house. House of Borg also offers unique services, such as upcycling consultations and design solutions. If you want to check out this Toronto design consultant’s work online, head on over to their Instagram page!

So, how does House of Borg’s design process work?

For Gabriella, she describes her design aesthetic as first and foremost leading with colour. She gravitates toward bright colours and textures due to the energy they give a space. Personally, shes also drawn to ‘pieces and homes that have that other-world feel”. In that, along with other environmental reasons, is why she tries to be a ”champion of vintage and thrifted decor”. She likes to think that her aesthetic as a professional design consultant rests somewhere between old and new. 

For clients, House of Borg likes to customize her approach for each customer and tailor it to their specific needs. Gabriella starts with a short discovery conversation‘ to determine the scope of the project. And from there they find a service that ”feels like a good starting place” and have discussions pertaining to goals, budget and style. As a design consultant, Gabriella provides a ”comprehensive design package” to her clients that serves as a ”blueprint” moving forward.

Favourite spaces & 2020 trends from design consultant, House of Borg

As a working design consultant in Toronto, Gabriella notes that kitchens are actually one of her favourite rooms to work with. She loves finding ones with unique features, like breakfast nooks or bar seating. She loves that kitchens are often little ‘social hubs” within the home. So, it’s really fun to ”create a narrative around spaces” like that. Living rooms are her close second! 

We couldn‘t help but ask an experienced design consultant what some of the trends are she’s seeing leading towards the end of 2020. Gabriella is loving the whole ”80’s revival of vintage furniture”. She finds it to be a ”nice departure from the mid-century modern aesthetic” that has been popular the last couple years. She loves all the ”fun texture, colour and new material” that’s being explored in this next design wave. 

What does colour really mean to Gabriella and House of Borg?

Of course, Home Painters Toronto had to ask the very important question about paint colour and what that means to Gabriella and her design consulting business. She told us that ”colour means the world” to her. Gabriella feels as though the right colour can give you a ”blast of emotion and feeling”. It has the ability to ”change a space in a heartbeat”.

She totally understands that trying to make the ‘right choice” can feel a bit scary, but at the end of the day, you can always change things. Gabriella feels it’s important to see painting projects as a way to ”reupholster your walls”. As a design consultant, she’s a big fan of accent walls or even painting insides of cupboards ”to add a pop”. For Gabriella and House of Borg, she truly believes that the ”sky’s the limit” when it comes to colour.  

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Some images were taken from House of Borgs Instagram page & Gabriella Nassieff Borg’s personal collection.


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