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Design is in the eye of the beholder: an appealing sentence well suited to Jo Alcorn. Whether you know her as a highly sought-after famous designer, a home decor enthusiast, or are just now discovering her stellar body of work, she will surprise you. Yet at the same time, familiar things endear themselves to you. It’s this feeling of familiarity that has led me to know Jo.

Interior Designer

At Home Painters Toronto, we definitely consider ourselves the experts in all things paint. But attached to that is the whole world of interior design too. In which, paint plays a huge part. So, what is the main role of a designer?

They are as follows:

• The main role of an interior designer is to ensure that their client’s needs are met and they are able to create a space that looks good and works well. This means that the designer will often work with clients who have very little knowledge of interior design or building, which can be challenging when trying to get ideas across.

• They are also required to create a space that is functional, aesthetically pleasing and visually appealing. In order to do this, interior designers must have a good knowledge of all aspects of design. This includes an understanding of colour theory and how different colours can affect mood. As well as being able to create a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

• A designer will often work with architects and builders during the design process to ensure that their vision comes across in the finished product.

• Interior designers are often responsible for choosing furniture and fittings, as well as the overall layout of a room. They may also be responsible for decorating the exterior of a building, such as designing gardens or creating special effects such as lighting up fountains at night.

However, there are all sorts of other aspects to consider as well.

In that, we’d love to turn to some fellow experts to help navigate the design world.

With that said, we’d love to take a moment to introduce you to (or get you reacquainted with) Jo Alcorn. She’s a celebrity interior and home product designer, expert instructor, TV personality and entrepreneur. That’s right — how many hyphens is that?

So, let’s dig right into our conversation with Jo Alcorn!

Jo Alcorn

Jo Alcorn’s TV Journey

You might recognize Jo Alcorn from HGTV’s popular Designer Superstar or Home to Win. She actually got started in the whole designer TV world back in 2006. Jo had just started her business and the opportunity arose to sign up for a game show on HGTV. She was looking for an opportunity to stand out from the crowd — and stand out she did!

While she was on set for HGTV, one of the producers came up to her and suggested that she try out for Designer Superstar. Jo Alcorn is a self-acclaimed “yes girl” and not one to shy away from different opportunities and challenges. So, she thought she would try it! From there, it was just “different connections” that led to many designer opportunities over the years. Shows like Canada’s First HandymanThe Marilyn Denis Show to Steven & Chris, among many others.

Jo Alcorn has seen so much success in the Canadian designer television world and it certainly doesn’t stop there!

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Kitchen Design Jo Alcorn
Jo Alcorn Bath

Jo Alcorn’s Thoughts on 2020 Design

To say that 2020 has been an interesting year would be an understatement! Upon asking Jo what she thinks is going to be trending in terms of design, she ponders that “what we thought and were predicting” has all changed. From a designer’s point of view, what Alcorn does predict is “true comfort and efficiency”. With everything “the world has gone through”, she hopes that we see a rise in supporting local businesses. She also sees that perhaps there will be a “real calm and ease” to new trends of the season. People will be thinking “minimally” and always coming back to the “clean and polished” look as well as pieces that are budget-friendly.  

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Jo Alcorn’s line ‘Alcorn home’

Of course, Jo Alcorn’s passion led to her own interior design firm as well as her own Canadian-made and manufactured home, furniture, bedding and pet collection line. Alcorn Home firmly believes that “every household should be able to enjoy luxury at an affordable price”. Alcorn was first inspired to branch out when she was doing her design work. She had a hard time finding certain pieces and specific sizes. The line includes everything from bedding, pillows, furniture, lighting and now dog beds!

Jo made the jump to dog beds when she discovered that most people stashed them away because they didn’t tie in with their decor. She wanted to produce fashionable pieces that were still durable and completely functional. Alcorn is also always inspired by her love of dogs. She has two Jack Russell rescues named Lucy and Ricky — after I Love Lucy, of course! All the beds are handcrafted, sustainably made, hypoallergenic, washable and North American made — all factors that were very important to Alcorn.

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Before Grande
painting Kitchen

How does paint factor in for designer Jo Alcorn?

Of course, Home Painters Toronto has to inquire about paint! Because it’s such a huge part of the design and interior world.

For Jo, she realizes that she’s known for having a very white and clean aesthetic. From a design point of view, she loves white walls but always looks for “punches of colour” in furniture and unexpected spots. Whether she brings in colour with paint on an accent wall or the back of a door. Even with trim work or a cool piece of furniture. With white walls, she really loves the freshness it gives a room because it allows other features the opportunity to stand out.

For her own design aesthetic, Jo speaks about being “obsessed with very clean minimal lines”. She loves to create rooms that possess a “conversational coziness”. She’s also huge on consistency and flow. Plus, a hot designer tip for everyone: proportion and scale. She really feels as though if you get the proportion and scale on point, it can make a room look like a million bucks. You’re welcome for that little gem of information!

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Jo Alcorn Whirlpool

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