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Exterior Porch Crown Moulding Repair & Painting

A lot of the time the exterior of our homes can take quite a beating. Especially around Toronto and other parts of Ontario, we’re exposed to all sorts of weather. You have your spring and summer rain storms, which often produce lots of wind and sometimes hail. Then you also have the extreme heat and moisture in the air throughout the summer months as well. Plus, did we mention all the snow that piles up from November right through until sometimes April?

With all of that, along with normal aging, if you have porch crown moulding, there will likely be some damage over time. On top of that, you might even find that some of the wood in your crown moulding on your porch cover could possibly be rotting out. This is exactly the time for a little exterior porch crown moulding repair project. We have all the steps right here for you too. Let’s get started!

Materials Needed:

  • Crown moulding
  • Wood base strips
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Caulking material
  • Sandpaper
  • Circular saw
  • Measuring device
  • Paint brush
  • Paint tray
  • Primer
  • Paint

Step #1: Removing rotted wood

Removing rotted wood

The first step in exterior crown moulding repair is to locate all of your rotted wood pieces. After all, they are the ones with water damage, so they need to be removed to be able to start fresh. A happy thought would be to just remove the rotted pieces, but sometimes there is just too much going on to salvage your previous exterior crown moulding. So, you’ll likely find that you want to get down all of the crown moulding and install it brand new. That way you’ll be sure that your exterior crown moulding will last you for several years.

Step #2: Exterior Crown Moulding Installation

Step #2 to Exterior Crown Moulding Installation

Once you have all of your rotted wood down for your crown moulding repair, it’s time to begin again! This is when you get your new wooden bases and crown moulding and get up on the ladder to measure for exact specifications. Once you have your measurements for the base and moulding, you can start cutting.

Once everything is cut precisely how you need them, then you can get on your ladder again and begin crown moulding installation. It’s best to use a hammer and nails to secure your base as well as your moulding securely into place.

Step #3: Caulking, sanding & priming

caulking, sanding, priming

After you’ve completed your crown moulding repair and installation, then it comes time for the caulking. If you go with an exterior caulking like Quad Outdoor Sealant and go along the seams of your crown moulding and trim, it will help to keep the moisture out and protect your wood.

Then it’s time to fill in any of the tiny holes from the nails. Then you can sand everything down so it’s nice and smooth. Once you have your sanding complete and your crown moulding looks pristine, you can go in with some primer. A good one is Sherwin Williams Exterior Latex Wood Primer. Once you get a nice coat of that on your porch crown moulding, it’s time to paint!

Step #4: Painting Exterior Crown Moulding

Step #4 to Painting exterior Crown Moulding

Now comes the time for the final step in your crown moulding repair: painting! Feel free to add in a little personality for this step as well. After all, you ended up saving loads of money doing your own crown moulding repair work. So, you might as well really go to town and show it off beautifully.

Black Satinis a gorgeous muted black and looks amazing if you have grey or even reddish bricks. If you want to go lighter, Waynesboro Taupe is nice and warm and still gives an updated look to your front exterior entryway. Whatever exterior paint you choose for your porch crown moulding, just be sure it complements your brick, siding and door nicely to really create an impact.

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