Top Colours For Your Exterior Front Door

More and more often homeowners are taking the opportunity to use their exterior front door as a way to make their house truly stand out! Painting your front door the right colour can help to make an lasting impact and make it a memorable feature. If you think about it, your front door can often work as your home’s big first impression. After all, it’s the first thing your guests really see coming into your home. And from the curb, the front door absolutely becomes the main focal point that draws the eye in. Everything from the colour of your brick to your siding and trims should ultimately work to complement your front door colour.

can you paint all front doors?

Basically, the answer is almost always yes. As long as you properly prep your front door, no matter the material, it can be painted. If you have a door that’s never been painted before and it’s steel or factory grade metal, you need to prime it. When it’s not primed, the paint will definitely peel. If you give it a nice little buff with sand paper and then prime, that’s the ideal prep method. The primer we recommend is The Extreme Bond from Sherwin Williams. You can usually tint the primer to be darker too, depending on your chosen front door colour.

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top colours of the season for your front door

One thing that we’re finding as a big trend for 2020 is that people are not afraid to go bold! They are looking to really make a statement with their front door colours and make it a strong focal point. For most homeowners, neutral doors are a thing of the past. Most of the time, you want your front door to even prevail over the colour of your siding and bricks. Because that’s how it works to truly draw that eye in.

If you’re looking to go outside the box in terms of front door colours, a yellow could be really nice. If you want to go really bold and stand out, Bright Yellow 2022-30 is like a burst of sunshine. Citron 2024-30 is another great choice if you want yellow, but one that’s a bit more toned down. Yellow doors look really vivid with white or light coloured bricks.

Colour Page

Colour Page

Another strong option that people are loving for front door colours this season is Hunter Green 2041-10Hunter green is a great option if you want to go darker, but you don’t want to go black. It’s so luxurious and rich looking, but still packs that punch to capture the eye.

Muted greens that are slightly more tranquil, like Woodland Hills Green 543 can work to give a more Mediterranean flair.

Colour Page

Colour Page

Another option for bold front door colours is burgundy or wine. New London Burgundy HC-61 is a classic burgundy shade that’s rich and welcoming.

Ruby Red 2001-10 is also on trend for the season if you want a red that’s daring but not as dark. These front door colours look amazing with black or gray bricks or siding. A red or burgundy door can also stand out inside a stark white, cream or even muted black door frame.

Colour Page

Colour Page

Kendall Charcoal HC-166 is another example of a muted black that is completely on trend this season that’s also full of charm and elegance.

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Some images were retrieved from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams Colour Mockup Generator.

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