If you would like to experiment with interior paint colours or want to create a unique atmosphere, painting an accent wall may be just the ticket! Feature walls work in all areas of the house — from bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms to even the bathroom. They can be such a powerful design choice for a space. Also, they can really work to break up the monotony of a traditional space because your eye will be naturally drawn towards the new feature wall. They’re also a great opportunity to play around with paint colour — there are so many different accent wall ideas to consider!

There are several common questions people ask themselves when considering painting an accent wall. Which is exactly why we wanted to break down different feature wall ideas and painting techniques for you! Let’s dig in.

When To Paint A Feature Wall

  • If you want to add some excitement to your home.
  • If you only have time for a quick home improvement project. Painting an accent wall feature can be such a quick home painting project! You’ll be amazed at how quickly it can come together.
  • If you want to bring attention to a feature in a room like a fireplace or artwork.
  • When you want to add colour to a room and experiment with smaller doses of brighter bolder colors.
  • If you want to improve the look of your home interior on a small budget.

Different accent wall ideas 

#1 Go for a bold style 

A lot of the time when you’re thinking of painting a feature wall, your mind immediately goes to thinking about doing something bold. Perhaps you want to contrast the lighter interior paint colour in the room with something that really stands out. The colour of your accent wall doesn’t necessarily have to be super bold in colour to truly stand out and make a statement. In terms of the interior paint colour trends for 2021, the Benjamin Moore Colour of the year 2021 is Aegean Teal. It’s such a perfect blending of blue and green with just a hint of gray. Another beautiful choice for a bold colour that could work in any space you choose as a feature wall is Urbane BronzeIt’s a great cross between a deep bronze and a mossy green.

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#2 Try wallpaper as an accent wall 

Sometimes you want to go the route of wallpaper removal as it’s old and outdated and sometimes fresh wallpaper is just the thing to breathe new life into your space! Wallpaper can make a really unique feature wall because the possibilities are endless. There are about a million different designs, textures and colours to choose from. You could go with a vintage looking floral, which is very in at the moment. Or you could even try out some vertical stripes, which could help to elongate the dimensions of your room. Whatever you choose as your feature wall, just be sure that it’s unique, fresh and helps to make your space your own.

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#3 Try a wood paneling accent wall 

Wood paneling feature walls are becoming more and more popular over this past year. You can go a number of different ways with this look. You could try a wood paneling feature wall that’s a bit more rustic looking. Or you can go with something a bit more modern and really customize your look. You could even add wood paneling and then paint it as well. A really cool thing that exists now is peel and stick wood paneling! Which makes a really easy and inexpensive option for your feature wall.

#4 Creative designs with your feature wall 

When it comes to doing an accent wall, don’t be afraid to get even more creative than going with a bold interior painting colour. It can be fun to try a cool geometric design on your interior walls. You can decide to divide your feature wall up in unique ways to really make a statement. You can play with creating different lines and focal points using your feature wall. Manifesting new designs when it comes to interior painting is half the fun when it comes to design!

Just be creative! 

Whatever you decide to do with your interior painting, simply be creative and have fun with it. After all, you can always decide to play with interior paint colours or even the dimensions of a room. There are so many different ways you can add spice and personality to a space. You just have to be unafraid to try things out and experiment. And you might even want to collaborate with some pro painters along the way as well to take full advantage of their expert techniques.

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