Accent Wall Ideas & Painting Techniques 

If you would like to experiment with paint colours or want to create a unique atmosphere, painting an accent wall may be just the ticket. Accent walls work in all areas of the house — from bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms to even the bathroom!

There are several common questions people ask themselves when considering painting an accent wall. This blog post will answer those questions and give you some essential accent wall painting tips and a free accent wall painting quote in Toronto and GTA.

When To Paint Accent Walls

  • If you want to add some excitement to your home
  • If you only have time for a quick home improvement project
  • If you want to bring attention to a feature in a room like a fireplace or artwork.
  • When you want to add color to a room and experiment with smaller doses of brighter bolder colors.
  • If you want to improve the look of your home interior on a small budget.

 What You Will Need for Painting an Accent Wall

  • Cotton cloth
  • Sponge and soap water
  • Sponge Roller and 2 inch wide paint brush
  • Step Ladder
  • Paint ( Benjamin Moore, Behr, Dulux and etc.)

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Accent Wall Painting Techniques

Step 1: Choose the accent walls that you want to paint & place newspaper at the foot of the accent wall.

  • This can be one of the most daunting tasks.
  • Usually, pick a wall you want to feature and bring attention to. Most of the times it is an accent wall with a fireplace on it, a big wall at the end of a room, a wall where all your furniture will be facing in living room, or a wall with a television on it.

Step 2: Set Up the Room for Accent Wall Painting

  • Move any furniture away from the accent wall that you are painting.
  • Also cover the furniture and floors with plastic or dropsheets to protect them from paint spills. For tips on how to set up a room for interior painting, visit our “Preparing a room for painting” blog.

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Step 3: Prep the Accent Wall for Painting

  • If the wall is dirty, clean or dust it as needed.
  • If there are any damages/holes fix them with plaster or polyfilla and sand smooth
  • Spot prime those areas that were plastered
  • See our video on How to Prep Your Room for Painting video and blog.

Step 4: Paint the Accent Wall

Cut or ‘edge’ in all 4 corners of the accent wall with a paint brush. For tips on cutting in and using a paint brush to paint accent wall corners, visit our “cutting in blog”. If you aren’t a professional painter, use painters tape to be safe so you don’t ruin the other walls you aren’t painting.

  • Roll the big areas of the wall using a paint roller.
  • Let the accent wall dry, since it will likely need 2, sometimes 3 coats, since you are likely using a dramatic color change from the existing colour
  • Start the second coat once the paint has dried. Depending on the humidity level ( specifically in Toronto) , it usually takes about 1-2 hours, but you can wait longer if you want. Repeat these steps as many times as you need to in order to ensure the paint is covered appropriately.

Step 5: Cleanup the Room after Accent Wall Painting

  • Let the final coats of your wall dry. Once the accent wall has completely dried, return your furniture to its original place and discard of any garbage.

Breathe new life into your home adding an accent color to one of your walls!

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