Cost to Paint Exterior Vinyl and Aluminum Siding

To paint exterior vinyl and aluminum siding is nothing to sneeze at. With exterior season just around the corner, you may be looking at your exterior and think it needs a transformation. With a summer full of uncertainty in the year 2021, you can at least be sure about the costs, time and additional factors to paint exterior vinyl and aluminum siding.

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Price Ranges for Exterior Vinyl and Aluminum Siding

With these exteriors being standard for home-owners, the pricing for these features is quite robust. It is all dependent on the size of your home, so let’s break it down into three categories.

  • • Bungalows ( 800-1200 square foot homes) average $2.50 -$4.16 per square foot. start from $2000 to $5000 for exterior vinyl and aluminum sidings.


  • • Two-story houses (1500-2000 square foot homes) equal $2.00- $2.80 per square foot. to paint exterior vinyl and aluminum siding you’re looking at a base of $3000 to $7000.


  • • Three-story houses (2500-3000+ square foot homes)  start at $2.00- $2.80 per square foot. These large homes start at $5000 and go up to $10,000 for exterior vinyl and aluminum siding.
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These are general prices to give you some ballpark numbers of what to expect when hiring a service. Remember, every painting company is different, and these numbers will fluctuate depending on additional factors that we will get into.

Process to Paint Exterior Vinyl and Aluminium Siding

The process requires general prep for this job to be done successfully. However, before painting exterior vinyl and aluminum siding is started, the sidings need to be cleaned. In most cases, the sidings require washing. Using a pressure washer, keep the nozzle broad and not concentrated because it can damage the vinyl and aluminum.

  • • In worst-case scenarios, sidings grimed down to a tee; the painters will need to scrub it down with TSP.


  • • Filling cracks and wholes.


  • • Replacement of any screws missing.


  • • After all these, the actual paint job can finally start.
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Generally speaking, most companies will use a painter and primer to paint exterior vinyl and aluminum siding. Here at Home Painters Toronto, we used a100 by Sherwin-Williams for both vinyl and aluminum sidings. If you prefer Benjamin Moore, go with their aura or regal flat paint line.

Time it takes to Finish

Time is always an essential factor for both the home-owner and the painter. Both want the jobs done as quickly as possible, but sometimes the home-owner has rose-coloured glasses with this abstract concept of time. The painter will generally provide a time span for any job they are about to start, so it is beneficial for the home-owner and painter to stick within this frame.

  • •It should not take more than a week for a typical home in Toronto and the GTA.


  • •It should range from two to five days for average size homes (1200-2000 square feet).


  • •Larger homes (2500-3000+ square feet) could take up to one week or more.

These numbers are all weather permitting. If the conditions are harsh, you should allow more time for the job to be perfected. Painting exterior vinyl and aluminum sidings requires immense effort and skill; you do not want to rush the workers if the weather screams for everyone to stay indoors.

Factors that Effect the Cost

Now that you have the ballpark numbers for the cost to paint exterior vinyl and aluminum siding, it is paramount for you, the home-owner, to understand the factors that can drive the price higher. If you were happy with the numbers and now are shocked that the prices may change due to external factors, well, I am sorry to burst your bubble. Painters are humans, after all, and get paid for the amount of work they do as a base.

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  • • The amount of prep ( excessive washing down, caulking, filling) will add more to the additional price.


  • • Suppose you need the exteriors done as soon as possible. In that case, the job’s urgency is a lot more difficult for the paint company to navigate under these circumstances. Expect a premium charge for a faster job.


  • • The size of the job makes a big difference as well; most paint companies charge per unit. So if you were to want just the front of the house painted compared to the whole house, it would cost more.


  • • The most significant factor is the difficulty of the job; how high are the sidings? How hard is it to reach those areas? If the job requires cherry pickers and special ladders, the price will inevitably be steeper.

These are all of the factors that you cannot control when a painter begins to paint exterior vinyl and aluminum siding. However, if you wish to have some agency, try to pay with cash, cheques or transfers. If you go the credit card route, additional charges may be unnecessary if you do things the old-fashioned way.

If you’re thinking of doing some home exterior painting but don’t want to do the work yourself, let our exterior painters help! Even if you are undecided, professional house painters can help you with any problems or questions you may have. If the work involved sounds like it involves too much time and energy to do yourself, call 416.494.9095 or email brian@HomePaintersToronto.com for a FREE quote. And don’t forget to follow us on all our social channels below as well! 


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