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The doors in our home are used constantly. Whether you need some quiet time in the office for a meeting or it’s simply having a minute to yourself in the bathroom. They’re being open and shut all the time. Not to mention all the wear and tear that occurs when you have kids or a pet! So, it’s a good idea to thinking about doing interior painting on your doors every year or so. If you’re curious about the cost to paint interior doors 2021, keep reading!

How Much Does It Cost To Paint Exterior Doors?

Different types of interior doors 

There are all sorts of types of interior doors in modern homes. For most though, you can usually narrow it down to two options: flushed and raised panel. Here’s how you can tell the difference:

  • For flushed or flat doors, they simply have a smooth finish. There is no paneling to be found on them. They’re simple and clean looking. They’re also fairly easy to paint as well. Due to the linear way in which flushed interior doors are made, you can even use a paint roller for this project. You might need a paint brush to clean things up and paint along narrow edges.
  • Raised panel doors are slightly more difficult to paint. Since they have sections on them, like the horizontal rails and stiles and muntins — all of the raised or detailed sections, it requires more planning. For the interior door painting, it can work well to start at the top and work your way down. Use a paint brush for any of the horizontal rails, stiles and muntins. And you can use a paint roller for the smoother in-between sections.
off white or cream door painting off the hinge
how to fix peeling paint on ceiling in a condo, how often should your condo be painted

Other types of popular interior doors 

Before we talk about the cost to paint interior doors, there are a few more popular types of doors to consider.

  • Barn doors: This type is fairly easy to do door painting on due to their large expensive nature. Interior barn doors look great if you’re going for a rustic vibe. When you’re doing door painting, you simply have to be sure to use a paint brush within all the panels. Also, since these doors hang from a top rail, if you can lock them in place, do so. It will make it a lot easier on you while you’re painting if the doors aren’t moving along the rail.
  • French doors: This type of interior door is popular simply due to the light they let into each room. So, if you’re in the middle of a home renovation or even building, highly consider french doors to let the light in! These ones can be tricky to paint, but it can certainly be done. Since there’s the glass panels, you can tape off all around them. This will ensure that your glass stays clean and fresh when all is said and done.
interior barn door image painted cream from pinterest, interior painting by home painters toronto
interior french doors painted dark brown from pinterest and orchid white interior with flowers and white sofa

The cost to paint interior doors 

So, what’s the cost for professional door painting? When you hire professional painters to come in and do the job, it ensures a timely, clean and smooth process. It really depends on the area that you live in and what pro painters you have come in, but it ranges anywhere from $50 – $250 for interior door painting. Again, you have to think about what kind of interior door you have and if it needs freshening up with sanding and caulking. Plus, maybe you want the trim around the door painted as well. So, factor all of those things into your thought process when you look for a painting company to do the work for you.

Don’t be afraid of pops of colour! 

One of the really fun things about interior door painting is that it can be really fun to play with colour. Maybe your room as a whole is pretty monochromatic and you want to make it pop. Why not opt for a vibrant interior painting colour on your door? For example, if your walls are painted white or even gray, a pink door would add all sorts of personality! Check out Odessa Pink if you’re thinking of a subdued pink that still packs a punch. Also, if you have a thing for blues or green, why not try a great teal? Aegean Teal is absolutely stunning and also happens to be the Benjamin Moore Colour Of The Year 2021.

Interior Painting Price Summary Chart

Square Foot
$2.25-$3CAD + HST per sq ft
  • Includes labour and materials.
Paint Closet
$75-$125CAD + HST per closet
  • Includes labour and materials.
Average price entire house
$7,000 to $9,000+CAD+HST Whole house
  • Includes materials and labour.

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