When it comes to painting your home, every homeowner has different ideas and styles they want to incorporate. This is why decorating can be so much fun because once the final product is complete, homeowners rejoice and feel content. Whether it be bright colours or darker shades, any option is good. It always depends on how the homeowners feels about it. It is important to feel content about your choices and even if you don’t, you can easily change your paint colour further down the road. Speaking of paint, a blue painted room just might be what homeowners need. Why? We’ll let you know down below! So, keep reading.

Why Should You Incorporate a Blue Painted Room?

Any colour you decide to choose for your room should highlight your specific tastes and style. Some people wouldn’t spend their energy contemplating paint colours, but they do have a huge influence. Room colours can instantly have an impact on our moods and thoughts. For example, different bright colours can make us happy and energetic. While darker shades can be a bit gloomy. Colours influence in good and bad ways, but it is up to every homeowner to figure out what makes them most satisfied.

You should incorporate a blue painted room because the colour blue makes us focused and is peaceful. It is a known fact that the colour blue can lower blood pressure, help clear our minds and with that we become more relaxed than before. In addition, light warm blues are effective in that they can offset warm shades and other room colour aesthetics. If you prefer a dark blue, look no further than Powder Blue. This is a traditional option when it comes to dark rooms. This particular blue shade offers a timeless look to rooms that have little to no sunlight or if they’re poorly lit. It is most perfect for small office spaces or bedrooms. Another option is Greenhow Blue. This fresh and fancy blue can instantly brighten up a room. It looks amazing when paired with white features, like cabinets. Lastly, you can use Prussian Blue CW-625This is a rich dark blue and when paired with white or cream features, it offers a really soothing palette. Not to mention your room will look crisp and fresh. Every homeowner’s dream!

The Best Blue Paint Colours for Your Bedroom

As I said earlier, blue is an extremely versatile colour that looks stunning in any room. Depending on the shade you choose, it can be chilly, welcoming, energetic, dramatic, or somber. Regardless of which shade of blue you decide to choose, there are plenty of exceptional options. A blue painted room equals relaxation.

  1. Magnolia Under the Stars: This bold and bright blue can add depth and sophistication to your bedroom. It has green undertones and looks great on an accent wall or the entire room. Pair this shade with white features, so that your bedroom is not too dark.
  2. Atmospheric SW 6505: This is probably the best light blue you can come across. It is an airy blue that will make your bedroom feel light and calming as ever. Even in a larger bedroom, it will still give you a relaxing feel. This is most ideal for lighter accents and is also great with white details or wood furniture pieces.
  3. Gray Wisp 1570At first glance, you might think this is gray, but it is actually a gray-blue mixture. Gray is a very popular colour choice just like blue, which makes this paint ideal for most spaces. For modern bedrooms, this is the best paint because it is muted and gives off soothing vibes.
  4. Stained Glass CSP-685This green-blue mixture is a great choice for your bedroom because not only is it bold, but it is a very rich colour. It works well in larger bedrooms because it won’t feel too overbearing or on an accent wall behind a bed. Overall, it will give your room a much needed “pop.”
  5. Utah Sky 2065-40: Who doesn’t like a bright bedroom, right? This bright blue shade is perfect for master suites because of its burst of energy. It is definitely not used for shyness. Want to make a statement? Look no further than this bold, yet bright shade of blue.
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Stress Relieving Colours

Interior painting colours can invoke the mood of your room or your own personal mood in many different ways. Certain colours can instantly change the way a room feels and the vibes it retains. Colours can also add drama, add direction to the space and create a stress relieving environment. When thinking about the word relaxing, what colours do you think of? Subconsciously, we already know what colours are calming and relaxing to us. For the people who don’t think colours matter, it does when it comes to creating a stress relieving and welcoming environment. Whether you use shades of blues, green, yellow, or darker colors like red or gray, creating a stress relieving environment should be a top factor when choosing colours for your home. After all, you want your home to be your own little peaceful oasis! 

3 important tips on how to pick paint colours

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