Your exterior doors see new people everyday. Whether it be a delivery man, a friend, or family, these doors are the windows to your interior design soul. With the warm weather creeping closer and closer, now is the best time to paint your exterior doors. Whether this is your first time doing so or you are a seasoned vet, the cost to paint your exterior doors fluctuates and is something that you need to be knowledgeable about before you get the job done. 

cost to paint exterior doors

Price Ranges to Paint Exterior Doors

Pricing to paint exterior doors is determined by several factors, which will be touched upon later in this article. However, if you do not have the time and wish to see the average price ranges to paint exterior doors in Toronto and the GTA, use this as a guide for reference.

  • • Front doors will start around $250 per door and can go up to as high as $500 per door.


  • • Stained/ solid oak doors front doors require a lot more effort and work, including stripping, sanding down and restaining; $2000 for lower end and can spike up to $4000.


  • • If you only want the front doors painted, it will cost more due to premiums by painting companies.


  • • Garage doors are a bit more pricey, starting at $1000-$1300 per painted door, can go up to $1500-$2000 for larger-scale garage doors.


  • • Double garage doors range from $2000- $4000 due to the size of the job.


  • • Vinyl and aluminum doors will generally cost less, the reason being is less prep is required for the painters.
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Factoring in the cost to paint exterior doors is overwhelming at first glance. If you are trying to budget for other dreams in life, you should aim to get all these doors done together. You will most likely get a better deal if you bundle these exterior paint jobs compared to focusing on just one aspect of your exterior.

How much Does it cost to paint Exterior Doors?

The process to Paint Exterior Doors

For the painter, the home exterior is much more tedious and requires a lot more prep to get the job done. The reason being is that the surface survives through harsher conditions such as rain, snow, humidity. It is paramount for your exterior to undergo the appropriate process before the paint job actually ensues. Here a just a few tasks a painter will have to do as prep.

garage_door_painting_home_painters_exterior_project (1)
  • •Scraping
  • •Caulking
  • •Spot priming ( if needed)
  • •Two finished coats of exterior paint
Painter doing interior painting of a light gray wall in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by Home Painters Toronto

Time it takes to Paint Exterior Doors

Time is a vital commodity that almost all home-owners have control over. It is only natural; after all, time is one thing you cannot get back in this world. But, painting your exterior doors is something you should not want to get back for at least several years. This is why it is essential to let the painters take an appropriate amount of time to paint exterior doors.

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  • •Front doors should take around two to four hours per door
  • •Garage doors can be expected to be finished in one to two days
  • •Solid oak doors range from two to three days and can go up to as much as four to five days.
  • •All these time ranges are dependent on the amount of prep; the more prep, the more time it will take.

Factors that Effect Cost

Now that you have the ballpark numbers for the cost to paint exterior doors, it is paramount for you, the home-owner, to understand the factors that can drive the price higher. If you were happy with the numbers and now are shocked that the prices may change due to external factors, well, I am sorry to burst your bubble. Painters are humans, after all, and get paid for the amount of work they do as a base.

before and after image for exterior painting briexterior painting brick staining home painters toronto project door transformationck staining home painters toronto project
  • The amount of prep, if a lot of stripping, sanding, caulking is needed, you are looking at a more expensive bill than just a base paint job.
  • Weather conditions, to paint exterior doors, painters need to be outside, the harsher mother nature chooses to be, the more likely it will take more time and prep, which equals a higher cost.
  • Time of year, you may be thinking that summertime is the best time to paint exterior doors; however, humidity is not a painter’s friend; it slows any average human down.
  • Urgency of the job, the faster you want the job done, the more likely you are to get a premium since you are rushing the painters.
  • Size of the job, if you only wish to have one door painted, you should know that most paint companies have minimum charges; remember, the more extensive the job size, the less it costs per unit.
  • •Diffculty; if the job entails heights, special ladders may be required with excessive prep.
House Painter doing prep or preparation before painting and popcorn ceiling removal
curb appeal ideas for stone house with garage door painted by house painters in toronto
brick house with wood garage door painted by house painters in toronto to improve curb appeal, colour palette for design inspiration
white painted house in toronto with exterior wood front door painted bright blue for curb appeal ideas
stone house garage door painted taupe by house painters in toronto, ontario, taupe colour palette for exterior design
red brick house with painted wood door to improve curb appeal red tones colour palette
oak stained front door colour palette for exterior design inspiration home painters company in toronto
blue tones colour palette for exterior design inpiration exterior front door painted charcoal grey to improve curb appeal home painters company in toronto
grey stone house with wood exterior front door painted navy blue to improve curb appeal home in toronto painted by local toronto home painters company

These are all of the factors that you cannot control. However, if you wish to have some agency, try to pay with cash, cheques or transfers. If you go the credit card route, additional charges may be unnecessary if you do things the old-fashioned way.

If you reside in Toronto and the GTA and need some help figuring out the interior painting costs per square foot, don’t hesitate to call us! We will help you pick the colours you want and show you the latest painting and home renovation trends. Our home painting services with the best pro painters have been around now for over 30 years. Call 416.494.9095 or email brian@HomePaintersToronto.com for a FREE quote for your home painting needs. And don’t forget to check us out on our social media channels below!


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