Top Colours For Interior Trim And Doors

newly renovated room in Toronto, Ontario home painted golden straw by benjamin moore with white base and window trim and oak wood floors

Top colours for interior trim and doors

So, you want to liven things up at home with a fresh coat of paint? Once you have your paint colour picked out, there are still the trims to think about. It’s actually an important step too because trim really works to tie the whole room or space together. If you’re overthinking things, we’re here to help you choose the top colours for interior trim and doors of the season!

interior trim basics

newly renovated fireplace with white trim and lower cabinets by home painters service in Toronto

By definition, trim is any strip of wood, aluminum or other materials that are placed on a surface to provide texture and depth. It can be decorative or more generic, but it’s everything from basic baseboards to window castings and crown mouldings. Even chair rails and wainscoting are a part of the interior trim family.

In terms of interior trim paint colours, the experts recommend that all interior trims should be painted the same colour. It allows you to keep things uncomplicated and just makes things more congruent, consistent and uniform. If you want your interior trims to have a slight accent or definition, simply add a bit of shine to your paint for the trims.

Since your interior trims will see a lot of wear and tear over the years and are more prone to gather dirt, they need to be more durable. If you’re curious about different levels of shine for your interior trim, High Gloss and Glossy possess the top shine levels. If you’re looking for something in the mid-range, Satin/Pearl, Eggshell or Low Lustre will give you some shine. And if you want something more matte, Flat or Matte finish paint will do the job.

tried and true tips for the different interior trims

renovated room painted light grey with white trim and crow molding by home painters team in Toronto, Ontario

For crown moulding, it’s best to stay united in white for this type of interior trim. You can match the ceiling with the trim and just stick with the same paint colour for both. A top recommendation is to go with a flat or matte finish as 90% are made with latex paint. Don’t forget to caulk (or seal) and sand all the joints properly before painting!

For baseboards, they’re usually the part of the house that’s painted last in the whole process. Baseboards often are in need of touch-ups in the buying and selling process too. They get really dinged up over time and gather a lot of extra dirt. It’s necessary to caulk and paint the sideboards before painting.

For chair rails, the trend is to paint the chair rail and baseboards the same colour. Normally, a white or off-white is the best paint colour choice. For wainscoting and window trim castings, it’s recommended to paint them all the same white paint colour as well.

Top colours for interior trim

hunters green living room by benjamin moore with soft white door trim and oak wood floors



The trend for 2020 is to keep things looking modern, cool and sleek. For most individuals, that means keeping their interior trims all white. Decorator’s White CC-20 as well as Oxford White CC-30 are the most popular choices for trims that are white, but not too stark.






Oxford White CC-30 trim By Benjamin Moore in a light green dining room with oak floors and white dining room table and chairs











coastal style dining room facing the ocean with taupe walls and Cloud White CC-40 trim By Benjamin Moore




If you’re looking for a white that’s a bit more traditional and warmer with hints of beige, Cloud White CC-40 is the way to go for interior trim colours.






benjamin moore Simply White OC-117 painted trim with light grey walls and light green painted door in dining room




If you’re looking for a really bright white interior trim, the colours to choose are Simply White OC-117  or Chantilly Lace OC-65One thing that the experts have discovered with these bright whites is that they can take 3 – 4 coats of paint to really lock in that bright white colour.





country style home in Toronto, Ontario with taupe coloured walls with benjamin moore Chantilly Lace OC-65 painted trim and oak ceiling beams











modern french style home with light yellow walls and benjamin moore Super White PM-1 painted decorative trim




A trade secret is that Super White PM-1 can often get you that bright white trim colour without using so much paint.



tips for quality and ceilings

open concept home in the gta with newly renovated crown molding and white painted walls

One thing to consider when you’re painting interior trims as well is the overall quality of the paint. The quality needs to be supreme due to all the wear and tear and dirt that accumulates. Advance by Benjamin Moore is a great high-end durable finish for trims and doors. Sherwin Williams ProMar Classic is another good choice for a high-performance finish that’s smooth and durable too. Benjamin Moore’s Ultra Spec Scuff-X works well too as a breakthrough single component scuff-resistant latex formula.

When you’re thinking about ceiling paint colours, the trend is to go a flat white on ceilings. It’s best to use the Ultra Spec white we previously mentioned or Benjamin Moore’s Waterborne Ceiling PaintThis paint is the best to use for rooms with a lot of light exposure as you won’t be able to spot any defects. Sherwin Williams ProMar 400 latex interior paint is another good choice. If you want to go a bit outside the box, you could always paint the interior trims white and the ceiling a shade of what’s on the walls.

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