Having a 2500 square foot home can be a lot to manage. There is endless room for creativity with so much space when it comes to redecorating, furnishing and, yup, you guessed it, having a fresh paint job. If you are tired of that dull paint colour, you got ten years ago and want to add a little more vibrance, all the power to you. The first step is deciding you want a makeover; the second is to determine the cost to budget accordingly.

Cost of Painting a 2500 Sq. Ft Home

Individual Costs for Interior of a 2500 Square Foot Home

•Walls: $2-$2.50 for low end per square foot, $3.00 for high end per square foot, crushing the numbers, around $5550 for the low end and $7500 for the high end

•Trim and Doors: On average per square foot, it should be the in range of $0.75-$1.25 coinciding with a 2500 square foot home, the price will be around the $1800-$3100 mark

•Ceilings: $0.50-$0.75 based on the 2500 square foot mark; this is assuming you have the standard ceiling height of around 8-9ft, the range for this is $1200-$1900

•Closests: $75 for a regular size closest, $150-$175 for a larger closet

These numbers can be overwhelming to calculate the total sum, but don’t worry, that’s my job. Assuming that your house is the average 2500 square foot standard, you are looking at around $9000 for all expenses. Higher-end homes will average around the $13,000 mark.

A $4,000 variance in price can be quite startling but be reassured; there are reasons for this. If you talk to your painter about these select factors, there is a very high chance you can strike a better deal for your budget.

Interior-Painting-Working-Ceiling (1)

Things to take into consideration before you ask for a price

  • • Try to make your interior as empty as possible, meaning removing all furniture, taking paintings off your walls, and overall all the clutter that gets in the painter’s way will benefit your price due to a quicker turnaround.


  • • How fast you want the job done, the more time you allow your painters to work, the less they will charge you.


  • • Aim for 5-7 days, two weeks maximum for a respectable time frame.


  • • Try to limit the number of painters that work inside your house, the less workforce, the more affordable it will be with a larger square footage house of 2500.


  • • Size of your home matters; try to avoid only doing one unit in your interior as there is always a setup cost which will be lucrative for 2500 square foot home.
  • • Limit the paint colours; a large house with 2500 square foot dimensions might require 4-5 paint colours; talk to your painter and see if they can do 2-3 instead.


  • • Use top-line paint; on average, we paint our homes every 5-15 years; top-line paint assures you better quality and lasting results.


  • • Always try to pay by cheque, e-transfer, or cash instead of through credit card as there are admin costs this way.


  • • More prep= more work, find out if your walls are drywall or plaster; the latter is more expensive.


  • • New renovations will cost more due to more prep of sanding, filling, and priming.

Many variables come with getting a new paint job for your interior; having a 2500 square foot home essentially means having more work to be done; the job difficulty for this project is much more incredible than smaller homes. Here are some scenarios that might make the painter’s job more tedious when working on your interior

Niches that cost extra

  • • Large cathedral ceilings require scaffoldings and special ladders.


  • • Wallpaper and other niche projects will require more work.


  • • Accent walls require more technical skill for the painters.

Now that you have all the numbers and scenarios mapped out, you may find yourself asking, “Who should I hire for the job?” You can try and go for the cheaper companies that deals seem too good to be accurate, but it is precisely that. Avoid companies with shockingly low fees and rates; likely, their work will not satisfy your interior design dream. Here are some factors you should take into consideration when hiring:

  • Responsiveness: if they respond to you immediately or within 24 hours, chances are, they need the work; this is beneficial for you since you know you will be getting full effort.


  • They have to be insured; you don’t want someone getting injured on your property and having to be responsible.


  • Valid criminal checks are a must; you are trusting strangers to enter your home, this is self-explanatory.


  • Years of business makes a considerable difference, 2500 square foot is a big job, you don’t want novices working on this project, aim for companies that have 5-10 years experience.


  • Trust your instincts; we are all human, after all, while some are better at lying than others, use your judgement to see if you can trust the painters to do a pristine job

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