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So, you’re looking to do some interior painting but can’t quite decide what the optimal choice is in terms of the best paint for walls. We are here to help! There is so much to think about when it comes to interior painting needs. First off, have you thought about hiring professional interior painting services? Because they usually use only the best interior paint and can get the job done quickly and pain-free.

But if you’re dead set on doing this yourself, it’s best to go through all your options first. That means thinking about what type of paint finish you want for your interior painting. Then it comes down to what brand offers the best choices as well. So, without further adieu, let’s dig into Interior Painting: Best Paint For Walls!

Types of Interior Paints

There are two main types of interior paints: water-based and oil-based paints. So, which paint is best for interior walls? Each has its unique characteristics, and the choice between the two depends on the surface you’re painting and your preference.

1. Latex or Water-Based Paints

Also known as latex paint, water-based paint is a popular choice for interior walls due to its ease of use and eco-friendliness. These paints dry quickly, have low VOC content, and are easy to clean with water. They are less likely to crack or yellow over time, making them perfect for most interior surfaces.

2. Oil-Based Paints

Oil-based paints, or alkyd paints, are highly durable and give a smooth, glossy finish. They take longer to dry and have a stronger odour, but they are better suited for high-moisture areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. They are also an excellent choice for wooden trim and wood mouldings to provide long-lasting protection.

water based vs oil based

Latex vs Oil based paint

Here’s the question that a lot of people start out with in terms of the best paint for walls: latex vs oil based paint. Let’s go over a few criteria when it comes to both of these paint finishes for interior painting. In 2023, latex (or water-based) paints dominate a lot of the market. First of all, they’re better for the environment, as you can find low VOC or even zero VOC paint options in latex paint. Latex paint also dries super fast, which is good for spaces where you want to get two coats of paint done in a small amount of time.

In terms of latex vs oil-based paint, oil-based paint can be a good option for doors and trims. Since they’re a high wear and tear area, oil-based paint is super durable and scratch-resistant. However, for interior painting and the best paint for walls, it’s probably best to go with latex paint. After all, they don’t yellow over time, they dry quickly and they have lower VOCs which results in a low odour. Plus, latex paints are easier to clean, as you can just use soap and water. Also, the fact that latex paints are so widely available now makes them an easier purchase for interior painting needs as well.

Picking the Right Sheen

Now that you’ve narrowed down whether to choose latex vs oil-based paint in terms of what is the best paint for walls, you have to think about sheen. If you’re unaware, sheen simply refers to the glossiness of a paint finish. Here are some of the different paint finishes to consider:

  • Flat or Eggshell Paint: These types of interior paints have the least amount of sheen or glossiness to them. For that reason, they are a good choice if you have some interior wall imperfections to hide. Flat or eggshell interior paint is commonly used for wall painting as well as ceiling paint. Flat or eggshell paint is not suggested for kitchens or bathrooms.
  • Semi-Gloss Paint: Semi-gloss paint is suggested for interior painting when you need a slicker, highly durable and stain-resistant finish. Basically, it’s the paint finish that’s suggested for kitchen and bathroom walls. It also might be a good choice for children’s play areas, front entrance ways and hallways.
  • Satin Finish Paint: Satin finish paint is often described as possessing a velvety finish for wall painting. The satin finish is a little less lustrous than semi-gloss paint, so it can appear both flat and glossy. It all depends on the lighting in the room. You can also use a satin finish paint in your bathroom or kitchen due to its durability.
  • Glossy Paint: In terms of the best paint for walls, glossy paint is not suggested as it tends to showcase imperfections. Instead, it’s a great paint to use for cabinets, trim work, doors or moulding.

The Best Paint For Walls

In terms of your interior painting needs and choosing the best paint for walls, we have a few of our top choices here for you. So, let’s dig in!

  • First, you always want to be sure that you’re using a really good primer prior to doing interior painting. Benjamin Moore’s Fresh Start Primer is at the top of our list. It’s low VOC, fast drying and easy and smooth application.
  • In terms of the best paint for walls, Regal Select Interior Paint never lets us down. It’s a 2-in-1 paint and primer. It’s also splatter-resistant and goes on exceptionally smoothly and easily. It also dries super fast and leaves no brush strokes behind!
  • If you’re looking for an interior latex paint that works well for both painting walls and woodwork, Ultra Spec Scuff-X is another good choice.
  • Behr’s Ultra Scuff Defense Interior Paint is another good choice. Again, it’s an interior paint and primer in one. Plus, it goes on super velvety and also protects against scuffs and stains.
  • If you’re looking for a good paint that will do well on your kitchen or bathroom walls, Benjamin Moore Kitchen & Bath Paint is one to check out. It does really well in high moisture and humid areas.
  • And if you’re on the hunt for supreme low-odour paint, Behr’s Premium Plus Low Odour Paint & Primer is a good choice. The Semi-Gloss works well in kitchen and bathrooms as well as on cabinetry, trims and doors.

Top Tips for Choosing the Best Paint Finish for Interior Walls

  1. Consider your room’s lighting: Natural and artificial light can affect the appearance of the colour and finish. Apply paint samples on the wall and observe how they look in different lighting conditions throughout the day.
  2. Factor in room usage: Select a paint finish that suits the purpose of the room and the level of traffic it receives.
  3. Think long-term: Choose a colour and finish that you’ll be happy with for years to come.
  4. Invest in quality: High-quality paints may cost more upfront, but they provide better coverage, durability, and longevity, ultimately saving you money in the long run.


So, now that you’ve chosen the best paint for walls, we have a few last painting tips to share. If you follow these, it will ensure that your interior painting goes smoothly and efficiently.

  • Before you even get to the interior painting part, it’s so important to prep your walls properly.
  • This means cleaning the walls with soap and water.
  • Also, be sure to fill in any holes with the right filler.
  • To make sure your interior walls will be smooth for the paint, it’s always vital to give them a good sanding too.
  • Always make sure you have all the proper painting materials and tools, like brushes, rollers and trays, prior to starting.
  • Be sure that your room has good ventilation as well. Even in the colder months, you can open the windows while painting walls to ensure proper airways for drying.
  • And remember, if your interior painting project sounds like too much for you, you can always hire a residential house painting service to do the job!


In Conclusion

Finding the best paint for your interior walls involves considering several factors, such as paint type, finish, room usage, and lighting conditions. By taking these factors into account and investing in high-quality products, you can achieve a beautiful and long-lasting finish for your home.

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