Top 5 Front Door Paint Colours

Painting your exterior front door a bold colour has been a favourite of homeowners looking to improve their curb appeal for many years. We’ve all seen home decor inspiration photos with beautiful hues that are welcoming. And really impact how a home looks and feels. This one-day project of transforming your front door can make a world of difference to the look and feel of your home. If you’re sticking with the 2024 exterior home colour trends for your front door, you’ll be thrilled with the options. However, most people choose a bold colour for their front doors, regardless of the current trends. We’ve included some great tips and the trendiest shades of the year.

The Role of Your Front Door in Home Aesthetics

The front door plays a pivotal role in shaping a visitor’s first impression and expressing a touch of your personality. It is the gateway to your home’s interior flair and can epitomize your style, taste, and creativity. A carefully chosen door colour can create a symphony with the other exterior elements like the siding, roof, and landscaping, highlighting an enticing visual concord.

Front Door Ideas: Selecting Suitable Door Paint Colours

So, how to pick a front door colour? In your quest for the perfect front door colour, consider the following factors:

House Style

Certain colours strike a chord with specific architectural styles. A modern or contemporary house may benefit from bold, vibrant colours, while more traditional homes might resonate with classic, conservative hues. Modern front door colours can be daring and dynamic, while traditional front door colours are often subdued and serene.

Front Door Blue

Existing Exterior Colours

Analyze the existing colour palette of your home’s exterior. Your front door should either complement or contrast these shades artistically, creating a harmonious balance.

Neighborhood Consistency

While it’s important to express individuality, you might still want to respect the overarching color themes of your neighbourhood for visual harmony.

Light Exposure

The amount and type of light your front door receives can significantly impact the way a particular colour appears. For example, a door in bright, direct sunlight may wash out lighter colours.

Front Door Paint Colours 2024

The top five front door colours for 2024 include neutrals, grey, green, black, and white.


Gray is the colour to use in 2024.

There are so many options of gray to choose from. You’ll be shocked at the actual number of grey shades that look totally different from each other. Check out our recent blog on all the top gray tones for this year. Whether you’re looking for a true gray, cool gray, or warm gray, you can have a lot of fun picking a beautiful tone for your front door. Pairing neutral or gray shades with some fresh new hardware can make your door look welcoming and chic.

Blue Front Door


Green is among the most popular paint shades for any part of your home this year. With so many beautiful sages, olives, and dark green hues to choose from, homeowners opt for exterior, interior and accent green shades for the whole home. Pairing a beautiful green front door with a neutral exterior colour or plenty of plants will make everything feel cohesive.

Green Front Door


As a homeowner, you can never go wrong with black. It’s a classic and traditional colour, and it’s very trendy this year. A black front door pairs well with a light exterior colour like white or yellow and can make a beautiful impact on your curb appeal. You can choose a matte, satin, or gloss finish for any black shade, and it will produce very distinct looks.


While it can be a bit more high maintenance than other shades, white is very on-trend for 2024. You may find yourself having to clean your door more often than with other shades. But if you have a unique door with some stylistic features you want to play up, white is a great choice that won’t diminish those details.

Door Frame Painting by Home Painters Toronto Richard Ashley
Front Door Painting Before And After

Home Painters Toronto Tips for Front Door Painting

Here are some handy tips from our professionals:

First, choosing black, white, or a neutral colour for your front door will be the quickest way to increase your home’s curb appeal. Especially if you’re looking to sell your property soon, you’ll want to stick with a neutral shade. Potential homeowners love to envision themselves in your home, so keeping it neutral is a great way to do that. 

Second, if you’re envisioning a tropical paradise and have many beautiful plants around your home, choosing a nature-inspired jewel tone like blues and greens will pair beautifully with your surrounding foliage. 

Third, are you an avid gardener with plenty of beautiful flowers that bloom each year? If you want something bold, choose a shade from one of your favourite flowers in your garden and paint your door that colour. 

Lastly, go Feng Shui. If you want to welcome the most positive energy into your home, Feng Shui your door. Choosing a colour based on the direction your home is facing could help you end up with a colour you love. The guidelines for this include:

•Blue for North-facing.

•Red for South-facing.

•Green for East-facing.

•White for West-facing.

•Brown for Northeast-facing.

•White for Northwest-facing.

•Green for Southeast-facing.

•Brown for Southwest-facing.

Red Front Door

Moreover, choose a colour you love that makes you happy to come home each day, regardless of trends. Suppose you’re looking for a beautiful front door colour that stands out or is super bold. In that case, our team of exterior painters has the expertise to help you choose a colour with our colour consulting service.

Front Door Restaining by Home Painters Toronto
Exterior Painting Front Entrance Black Before and after of Exterior Painting on Front Door and Deck Fence
Front Door Restaining by Home Painters Toronto

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