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Can You Paint Aluminum Eaves, Soffits, and Downspouts?

Exterior Painting Aluminum Eaves, Soffits and Downspouts

When spring is on the way and you’re ready to make some improvements to the exterior of your Toronto home. You can make a significant impact by tackling the small details. If you have aluminum eaves, soffits and downspouts, painting them can make a big difference to your home’s curb appeal.

This home project can be a bit of a challenge for one person to tackle alone, especially for those who are uncomfortable with heights. It’s a job that most homeowners can take on, but it takes some work and preparation, and it’s better with someone to assist.

Do a thorough clean.

First, before doing any kind of exterior painting in Toronto. You want to ensure you are cleaning the surface of everything you want to paint.

Second, if you have a pressure washer, that is the most convenient way to clean your eaves, soffits and downspouts. If you don’t own a pressure washer, you may be able to rent one from a local hardware store or borrow one from someone you know. Otherwise, washing the aluminum will take a lot of time to clean it thoroughly by hand.

Third, clean aluminum eaves, soffits and downspouts with a mild soap, water and a soft brush. 


If the aluminum is rusted or damaged, power washing may damage it further. In case there is debris left on the aluminum, the paint job won’t dry well and could cause flaking and cracking, which can make it look unkempt. 

Exterior Painting Aluminum Eaves, Soffits and Downspouts
Exterior Painting Aluminum Eaves, Soffits and Downspouts

Let it dry completely.

Once you’re done cleaning the aluminum, let it dry completely before moving on to the next steps. If you find any damage or rust, you will want to replace those pieces before painting. You can purchase a mildew retardant if you’ve found any mould or mildew to ensure it doesn’t return.

Prevention is the key. 

Prepare your gutters for priming.
  • To have a high-quality paint job, you must ensure you’re priming the aluminum in advance. Using a clear acrylic bonding primer will help you achieve the best results.
  • Apply the primer to the spotless and dried surface using a small brush. Once you’ve covered the eaves, soffits and downspouts completely, let the primer dry according to the instructions from the manufacturer.
Paint with an aluminum-appropriate paint.
  • Once the enamel coats have dried entirely, it’s time to paint. Use a paint that is best on aluminum and will work well with your primer and enamel, like 100% acrylic that has no ammonia. Opting for paint with UV protection will help extend the life of the paint and reduce the amount of sun damage that your gutters will sustain.
  • When painting, you may want to use drop cloths or painter’s tape to protect the other surfaces around your gutters. Add one or two coats of paint until you get your desired results.

Home Painters Toronto Expert Tips

Painting aluminum eaves, soffits and downspouts is a job that should be done in the springtime. You want to choose a day with sunshine and a slight breeze so the paint can dry quickly. 

Spray painting gutters is a quick way to get the job done, but it’s not as precise as using a brush. If you choose to spray paint, you’ll need extra prep time to cover the exterior of your home in drop cloths. 

If your gutters haven’t been cleaned in a while, it might be worth hiring a professional to clean them for you, who can let you know where the damage is and save you some time. 

Suppose you need help choosing which colour to paint your gutters. In that case, we offer a free colour consultation with every exterior paint job. Our professionals can help you pick a colour that will really enhance the look of your home.

Exterior Painting Aluminum Eaves, Soffits and Downspouts

Now you understand that it is best to do your house exterior painting in the spring, especially in Toronto and the GTA, where we get a variety of seasons and extreme temperatures. Remember that the most durable, toughest and best protective finish is attained when the weather isn’t too hot or too cold. This is why springtime is the best time of year for exterior house painting.

At Home Painters Toronto, as a top-rated exterior house painting contractor in Toronto, we will assist you in your exterior painting jobs this spring. Just give us a call at 416.494.9095 or send an email [email protected] to get a free online Exterior House Painting Toronto cost estimate.


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