Should You Paint Aluminum Siding?

Should You Paint Aluminum Siding Image

Aluminum siding, thanks to its durability and low maintenance requirements, has remained a popular choice for dressing the exterior of homes for decades. Although it withstands the test of time more efficiently than some materials, like every home element, it isn’t invincible. When the coating begins to fade or become chalky from oxidation, you may […]

Cost to Paint Exterior Vinyl and Aluminum Siding

Cost To Exterior Aluminum And Vinyl Siding

To paint exterior vinyl and aluminum siding is nothing to sneeze at. With the exterior season just around the corner, you may be looking at your exterior and thinking it needs a transformation. With a summer full of uncertainty in the year 2024, you can at least be sure about the costs, time and additional factors to painting […]

How To Paint Aluminum Siding

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How to paint aluminum siding is a question we’re often asked. Secondary to the question, can you paint aluminum siding? The answer is yes, you can paint aluminum siding. However, it’s not as easy as painting wood siding or other types of metal. Furthermore, the process requires a bit more preparation than other types of painting projects. […]

Top Colours For Exterior Aluminum Siding Paint

Top Colours For Exterior Aluminum Siding Paint

  There are so many reasons why having aluminum siding is a huge plus for the exterior of your home. Not only is it waterproof and corrosion-proof, but you can also paint aluminum siding any colour you want! Vinyl siding is a little different as you can definitely paint it all colours, but it sometimes warps with […]