Do you know when it’s time to painting a house? Did you know that most people finally decide to paint their houses only after they discover “problems?” on the old paint!!

In Toronto, there are four seasons, which means more house maintenance in general.   Waiting until there’s a problem will not only be much more expensive overall, but a lack of prevention can lead to damage that goes beyond the paint.


You home is like a car. It needs proper and scheduled maintenance. You wouldn’t wait for your engine to stop working before you perform an oil change would you? Your old paint has a performance lifespan and knowing the signs when you house needs painting will save you a lot of money and stress down the road.

Signs It’s Time To Paint your House

What to look out for when to paint the exterior of your house or not:


  • Professionally applied exterior paint lasts an average of 4-10 years depending on the condition it was in previously, quality of the materials used previously, climate, which way your house is facing, if you have trees to shade the sun, and other factors as well.   Also, a poorly prepared and paint job (like a DIY exterior painting) could shorten that lifespan substantially.  How old is your exterior paint job currently?
  • Peeling and cracking are very late signs your old paint job has expired and its time to paint. It not only looks bad but can allow moisture to creep into the wood framing and foundation of your home.
  • The trim around windows and doors trap water/snow and require a fresh coat of paint more often to keep them sealed from the elements. Inspect them yearly to find if it is time to paint them or not. A fresh coat of paint is cheaper than replacing worn out trim.
  • Do you have a cottage or is their wood siding on your home? Exterior wood siding need to be repainted much more often with 3-7 years lifespan on average. Old paint job will let moisture through and we all know that wood and moisture leads to rot and mold.
  • Don’t forget, the best time to paint exterior of your house is during spring and summer.

What to check to see when deciding you need a fresh coat of paint on the interior of your house.

The inside of your house presents different challenges.

Signs show it is Time to Paint your Interior:



  • The typical interior paint job, done professional of course, is good for 7-10 years.
  • Fading old paint is inevitable and more prominent in rooms with lots of sunlight and where low quality paints were used. If it looks dull it probably needs a fresh coat of paint.
  • High traffic rooms put more pressure on the paint causing chipping and abrasions. High quality paints will resist abrasions and are ideal for porch areas and playrooms. The tougher the paint the less money you’ll spend in the long run to keep things looking good.
  • If you smoke inside, old paint will degrade significantly faster. Nicotine is difficult to cover up and remove because the porous nature of walls and ceilings absorb the toxic elements.   Also, even a regularly used fireplace releases enough smoke to dull and stain the surrounding paint.
  • If your old paint contained high levels of VOCs your air quality could be suffering. By replacing it with low to zero VOC paint you can improve the indoor air quality for you and your family.
  • Are you simply bored of the existing colours and want a facelift in your home to spice things up?   This is more of a personal decision but can change the way you look and feel about your most prized investment. So, definitely it is TIME TO PAINT.
  • Maybe you don’t know, but winter season is one of the best time to paint interior of your house in Toronto.

Maybe you don’t know, but winter season is one of the best time to paint interior of your house in Toronto.

Don’t forget that in addition to everything above, a fresh coat of paint will also add curb appeal, increase the value of your home by up to 200% and keep it looking new for years to come.

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