Top Colours To Choose For Accent Wall Paint

teenagers bedroom painted with benjamin moore crystalline blue paint and reclaimed wood textured accent wall Top colours to choose for accent wall paint

There are many reasons why you might be interested in painting an accent wall for a room in your house. If you’re someone who has gone for a neutral interior colour scheme, the right accent wall paint could be the ideal feature. It can finally allow for the opportunity to play with some bold colours and add personality into a room.

Painting an accent wall is a great idea if you’re looking to bring attention to a cool feature, like a fireplace or an art piece. Also, accent walls are ideal for those who are looking to spruce up a room, but they don’t have the time or a hefty budget. They are one of the most cost efficient ways to do a quick home improvement project. 

Some people may shy away from the idea of an accent wall at first, but that’s usually just because they’re unsure of what accent wall paint colour to choose. As you know with interior paint choices, there are oodles of options and all the choice can feel a bit daunting. That is exactly why we have narrowed down the plethora of accent wall paint colours down to the most popular picks of 2020! First, let’s dig into some considerations along the way. 

Some details about accent walls to consider

bedroom in Toronto, Ontario painted white with black accent wall behind bed and black interior window trim

Some people might be wondering if accent or focal walls are even still a big trend for this season. We’re here to tell you that they’re probably here to stay. We’re not sure that they ever fully went out of style due to the fact that they’re completely budget friendly. They also offer the opportunity to spice things up a bit in a unique way. Basically, if you have some commitment issues when it comes to home decor, accent walls were made for you!

One thing you might be asking yourself prior to picking out your accent wall paint colour is which wall should you choose as your focal point. That’s actually a really important step in this whole process. Once your accent wall is painted, it will become the first thing people notice when walking into the space. You want it catch attention in all the right ways and make the perfect statement! 

Where do you put an accent wall?

small bedroom in Toronto, Ontario painted white with light grey accent wall by local home painters service

Some of the top advice from the experts includes to pick a solid wall as opposed to a wall that’s broken up by windows or doors. You might feel inclined to highlight your pretty French doors or designer curtains, but this could work to only distract from the features. Also, if you have a long or oblong shaped room, it’s best to choose to accentuate the farthest short wall. This will work to draw attention to the wall and help to correct the shape of the room. If you already have an existing focal point in the room, like a fireplace — work with it! Often, the accent wall will work best to highlight the already existing point of interest rather than working to create another one. 

choosing the right accent wall paint colours

wallpaper accent wall living room with light blue walls in Toronto, Ontario crafted by a home painters service in the gta

Once you’ve made the decision to feature an accent wall in a room, you have to choose the right paint colour. It’s important to remember to have fun with it! If you’re unsure of what colour to go with for your accent wall paint, remember that it tends to look more organic when the accent wall is darker than the other walls. Also, be sure to think of room harmony when picking your colour. You don’t want your focal wall to stand out like a sore thumb! You want the paint colour and placement to fully connect with a room and its decor and style.

Don’t be afraid to add some texture to your accent wall as well. There are all sorts of things that can be added in addition to the accent wall paint colour. Wood paneling or strips can really evolve the space. Plus, they can really pop when painted a different colour. Or you might consider some wallpaper as well — which Home Painters Toronto can help you with too! 

top accent wall paint colours for 2020

  • Buxton Blue HC-149 – This nice blue green is not too dark, but can still work seamlessly as an accent wall in a space that features other cream or taupe walls. Set the tone as peaceful yet contemporary! 


Benjamin Moore Buxton Blue (HC-149) painted accent wall in dining room with white trim and kitchen table set


  • Blue Danube 2062-30 – This elegant sapphire can work to completely elevate a space as an accent wall. It’s rich and bold and totally illuminating to the eye when featured on a focal wall. This accent wall paint colour would look stunning in a room with cream walls. 


Benjamin Moore Blue Danube 2062-30 accent wall in open concept dining room with light grey paint and oak dining table set


  • Dark Olive 2140-30 – This olive green colour works really well in a room with walls that are deeper browns or even a nice classic brick. This super saturated olive shade can work to add dimension in even the dullest of rooms. 


Benjamin Moore Dark Olive 2140-30 accent wall in cottage style home with oak beams and wood floor refinishing


Top picks for lighter accent wall paint colours:  

  • Thunder AF-685 – A nice neutral taupe works well to create a harmonious link between lighter colour walls in a room. It’s not too bold or too dark, but is still a nice soothing option for accent wall paint. 


Benjamin Moore Thunder AF-685 accent wall for small attic office ideas with full sized window and slanted ceiling


  • Crystalline AF-485 – This effervescent silvery jade shade of green works well for an accent wall because you can use it in an array of different colour rooms. Anywhere from beige to deeper browns to deep blues or taupes would complement this jade green colour. 


Benjamin Moore Crystalline AF-485 painted wall for teenagers bedroom with accent wall wood and white window trim


  • Golden Straw 2152-50 – This rich but not overly saturated golden yellow would be an inspired choice in a kitchen or living room for an accent wall because it could really breathe life into a space. It makes a nice contrast with white walls or even deeper tans and browns as well. 


Benjamin Moore Golden Straw 2152-50B accent wall for small seating area in a painted white kitchen with light oak round table


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