What Interior Paint Colours Will Sell Your House?

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Selling your home? Let’s discuss what interior paint colours will help you get more for your house

Life can move forward in ways you really hadn’t even imagined. Experiencing change can be a difficult thing for a lot people out there, but really, it can be a beautiful thing because that’s how you know life is actually moving forward. If you’re at a place where you’re looking to sell your house and you want to ensure that you get the best price for it, it might be time to consider what interior paint colours will help make that vision a reality.

Why neutrals make all the difference

Downtown Toronto small condo living room with glass stair rail and white walls painted by local home painters, interior painting services, residential interior painting, interior painting company

It’s the first impression that sells your house and painting can make all the difference! Walking into a staged home for the first time, a potential buyer wants it to feel light, open and inviting. After all, they are going to start imagining what their life could look like in this space, so you are going to want a neutral foundation colour as a nice jumping off point for them. You are going to want your space to feel as ready as possible for an upcoming move-in!

When you’re looking to get ready to sell, it’s best to think of your space as a kind of blank canvas for whoever is coming in to take a look at your home. If you blast them with too much colour or personality at once, the space can lose its appeal. Remember that when you’re looking to get your house ready to sell, less colours is more. Having a different interior paint colour in every room may be overwhelming to the space. It could also potentially make the rooms appear smaller than they actually are as paint can often work as a divider. You might find it best to stick to one to two paint colours maximum when prepping your home for selling, as it ensures that openness you want to shine through. To learn all about neutral colours, visit this blog here!

what interior paint is the most inviting?

For 2020, taupes are huge both for interior paint as well as for the exterior. It has to be that neutral appeal! For interior paint in particular, the #1 interior paint colour and shades right now are in taupe grays. You’ll find that even a nice taupe gray still possesses that beige tinge, but it does incline more towards gray — which makes it the ideal neutral base.

A great tip from the pros on interior paint: we recommend using matte paint instead of the eggshell. Matte paint presents as more modern and classy, yet it’s still a washable flat that hides wall defects better. 

Downtown Toronto open concept Toronto painted white with taupe accents by local home painters service, interior painting services, residential interior painting, interior painting company, home painting services

the top taupe grays of the season

Image from Benjamin Moore

We have a list of the top taupe grays of the season that clients are coming back to time and time again! All of these have that up-to-date feel but they still offer that great neutral base that looks amazing in any space.

Cloud Cover (OC-25) from Benjamin Moore is beautifully sophisticated taupe gray that’s modern yet classic. Moreover, it gives a nice warmth to a space without appearing too stark.

Silver Satin (OC-26) is another taupe gray that possesses just a little more richness, but is still a nice choice for the interior walls as it’s light and airy.

Image from Benjamin Moore

Image from Benjamin Moore

Classic Gray (OC-23) is a taupe gray that is exactly how the descriptor presents it: classic, but with a contemporary twist. Overall, this taupe could go a long way to make a clean and understated impression.

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