How to Paint Fireplace Bricks

You might be thinking of painting a room, but what happens when the room colours don’t match the fireplace bricks?

Is Painting a Brick Fireplace a Good Idea?

The answer is yes, but you have to do it right. It can be a great solution if you’re looking to change the colour of your fireplace without having to replace it. You just need to know how to paint fireplace bricks and the best way to do it. What happens if you don’t know how to paint fireplace bricks? Well, you might end up with an ugly-looking room that doesn’t quite match the rest of your decor.

Painting the fireplace or painting the fireplace mantel is an economical upgrade. A painted brick fireplace has the potential to make a big difference in modernizing a specific area. The look of painted brick is attractive with a clean finish. A brick fireplace that doesn’t match its surroundings will look out of place.

These are some steps to correct the problem of painting the fireplace bricks:

Refacing a Brick Fireplace – Step by Step by Home Painters Toronto

Refacing a Brick Fireplace


  • Broom or vacuum
  • One gallon of latex primer paint
  • One gallon of latex paint in whichever colour you want
  • Paint roller
  • Paint roller covers
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint pan
  • Painters tape
  • Drop cloth

How to Clean Fireplace Bricks

  • You will need to clean the fireplace bricks. Use a cloth, broom or vacuum to get the dirt off the bricks.
  • Pay special attention to the areas just around the firebox and on the hearth.
  • The firebox might have built up around it. Use a distilled household cleaner and a brush to remove as much buildup as you can.
  • If you have grease spots on the bricks, use muriatic acid to etch the surface. This makes it possible for the primer to stick to fireplace bricks properly.
  • Muriatic acid is a chemical hazard. Be careful and read the label. Work in a properly ventilated area.

Apply Primer Before Painting the Fireplace

  • Use painter’s tape along the areas around the fireplace.
  • Pick a primer that is suited for painting the fireplace bricks. Choose a primer with the ability to endure the heat. This is the best primer for a brick fireplace because it will help your paint from peeling and cracking.
  • Choose a roller that has a 1-inch nap to cover the brick. Pick a 2-inch paintbrush to paint in between the edges.
  • Spread the primer on the surface of the bricks.
  • The thick roller cover holds a lot of paint. The brick will absorb the primer quickly.
  • Use a paintbrush to cover areas that the roller couldn’t reach. Use a dabbing or jabbing technique.
  • Let the primer completely dry.

Paint the Bricks

  • Pick a semi-gloss acrylic latex. This is the best paint for fireplace brick. Choose a colour that matches the bricks and make sure it’s compatible with the primer used earlier.
  • If the fireplace is the center of attention, choose a colour different from the walls.
  • Paint using the same process as the primer.
  • Roll with a thick nap cover. Use the brush on areas that the roller couldn’t reach.
  • You don’t need more than one coat.
Refacing a Brick Fireplace
Paint the Bricks


  • Don’t paint lightly. You will need to use some force to get the paint into the smallest crack.
  • Mix your primer to match the paint colour of the painted brick.
  • Allow the paint to dry for a few days before returning any fireplace tools.

What Colour Should I Paint My Brick Fireplace?

The colour of your brick fireplace is a personal choice. It depends on the style of your home and how you want it to look. There are many ways to paint a brick fireplace, from painting the whole thing to just painting the hearth and mantel. The type of brick used in your fireplace can influence how it looks when painted, as well as what colours look best. If you want to paint your brick fireplace but aren’t sure where to start, here are some tips for choosing colours:

    •The colour you should choose depends on the décor of your room. If you have a lot of natural light, paint it white or cream. This will reflect the light and make your space brighter.

    •If your room is dark, use a darker colour like black or brown to create an intimate atmosphere.

    •You can also choose to paint your brick fireplace with a combination of colours for an eye-catching effect.

TIP: The best way to decide what colour to paint your brick fireplace is by looking at samples in person. Make sure you try them out on the wall before committing!

Brick Painting Fire Place by Home Painters Toronto Daron Keskinian - Before During After

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