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Why Brick Staining is Superior to Brick Painting?

Brick staining compared to painting seems like a tedious task. While it’s true, it requires more effort. The homeowner will benefit if they choose to stain over paint their exterior brick. Exterior season is just around the corner, you the homeowner, have tough decisions to make about your brick exterior.
If you are on the fence on whether to stain or paint your brick, here are some reasons below why staining the superior option.

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1. What are the Advantages of Staining Brick?

You may ask yourself, “Is staining brick better than painting?” The short answer is “Yes, it is!“. Staining is more robust and can lead to your brick exterior looking great for many years. Painting may seem like a classic option, but it is outdated for your brick exterior.

  • Longevity, staining brick will last for a lifetime. When you stain, it becomes part of the brick and avoids peeling like paint would.


  • Variety of colours, staining also allows the home-owner to have the option to go semi-transparent, which illuminates the hues at a modest level.


  • Materials needed are much higher-end, so you are guaranteed lasting results.


  • Seals the brick, allowing the bricks to breathe more comfortably and no bubbling or blistering, which is something paint does over time.
home painters working staining brick in canada

2. What are the Advantages of Brick Staining over Brick Painting?

Painting your brick exterior may sound like an easier task for both you and your hired company, but this is not necessarily true. Painting does cost less than staining but for a good reason. The exterior of your home goes through a lot. You want to give it appropriate armour and cover for the tribulations it endures.

home painters working staining brick in canada
  • • Paint will not last as long as staining


  • • Has the chance to peel over time


  • • Paint will be more susceptible to harsh weather conditions


  • • It does not look as good as staining brick

3. What is the cost of Brick Staining?

Before you determine your exterior makeover’s costs, it is paramount that you pick the right company. Home Painters Toronto has over 34 years of experience, exterior, interior; we do it all at an elite level. Please do your research and find companies with decades of reviews and ratings compared to newer companies finding their footing in the painting world.
Now, assuming that you have selected the right company, the cost for exterior brick staining may surprise you.

  • Bungalows (800-1200 square feet) will start at around $4,000 CAD + HST and go up to $7,000 CAD + HST.


  • Two-story houses (1500-2500 square foot) will be a low of $6,000 CAD + HST, with a hight of $15,000 CAD + HST.


  • Three-story houses (3000+ square foot) start from the $8,000 CAD + HST range and can be as high as $20,000 CAD + HST.


  • • These prices assume that the job uses solid stains, which is what most homeowners desire for exterior brick staining.
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Brick staining cost is about 5% more of what it would cost to paint brick. This is a small amount in the long run for your exterior brick having longevity and a colour that will not fade over time.

4. What Colour You Should Choose?

Now, this is entirely subjective to the homeowner. When staining exterior brick, you want to be 100% sure the colour you choose is the one you want for life. Factors like what type of home you have and the neighbourhood you are in should play a vital role when deciding.

  • • In 2022, most popular greys for brick stain amongst homeowners in Toronto and the GTA
  • Charcoal colours are a stylish and new forming trend for exteriors
  • • Muted blacks are a classic choice that customers have loved after seeing the finished result
  • Brown and white palettes are a good choice if you want to keep your exterior lighter
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Companies like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams have a vast selection of colour palettes you can choose from. These companies have top-of-the-line products that will make staining brick even more enjoyable for you to watch.

5. How Should Staining Brick Be Applied?

The process requires general prep for this job to be done successfully. However, before exterior brick staining is started, the bricks need to be cleaned. Here at Home Painters Toronto, we generally stick with a brush and roll to ensure an excellent and spotless finished job.

  • • Fixing the grout area requires minor filling with grout caulking.


  • • Brick replacement is a specialized task that needs a bricklayer or mason labourer.


  • • Spraying should only be used in the home has a significant amount of space from other houses. 20 and 30ft apart is ideal.


  • • Brush, rolls, and spray are preferred, depending on circumstances; for example, if there are many cars nearby, painters should be wary not to overspray.
Exterior brick staining painters working on ladders home painters toronto

In Toronto and the GTA, painting companies will use a roll and brush for staining exterior brick. Since houses in these neighbourhoods are generally packed together with a limited space, spraying should not be necessary. If the grout is overly recessed and a large lip where the grout meets the brick, then spraying is a viable option.

6. Staining Brick by Yourself (DIY)

Suppose you are confident with your exterior design skills, then all the more power to you. Staining brick can be a fun task to do over a long weekend or time off. Home-owners wanting to do the job by themselves usually have experience with painting. If you are a novice and looking to do it by yourself, you need to consider a few things.

  • • Make sure you are comfortable with ladders


  • • Be a pro at cutting and rolling; cutting clean lines is essential for staining brick exterior.


  • • Research videos online on how to stain brick exterior before you start.


  • • Painting experience is necessary; you need to be confident in your painting skills before staining the brick exterior.

Now, if you are having second doubts about doing the job yourself, you can always hire a company to do the hard work for you. Home Painters Toronto has over 34 years of exterior and interior work experience. Companies like us will ensure that the staining of your brick exterior is done flawlessly with no error.

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How much does it cost to stain exterior brick?

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