Ideas for Painting a Front Porch or Entryway

Professional Front Porch Painting Ideas

Giving your home a new look whether it is your front porch or just your entry steps is a great home improvement project that doesn’t necessarily require as much time, effort and money as you may think. I recently re-did my front porch, it had that old green astrotProfessional-Front-Porch-Painting-Ideasurf carpet covering the entire floor of the porch and the railings and awning really needed a redo. So, by sanding away old rust, tearing up old exterior carpet and applying a little paint, our porch looks better than ever! If you can totally relate with your outdated front porch area, read on for some inspiring porch painting ideas, find the perfect concrete porch paint colour!


Some Exterior Porch Paint Colour Ideas

Picking the right exterior porch paint for your own porch can depend on a few things, whether you want to keep it classic, go bold (or go home!), or just update your porch for a simple modern look.


Front Porch Painting: A Classic Approach

  • If you want to classic and stay true theme, you can try a colour scheme that will hold classy throughout your entire home aesthetic. Of course painting your entire house is not the plan right now, so by choosing a concrete floor colour that is a darker neutral shade and by painting the rest of your porch or entry steps a colour that matches the exterior trim on your house, it will create a smooth flow that doesn’t look over done. Usually, neutral and light shades of paint will look the most flattering when you are trying to create a classic approach to your front porch and/or entry steps. If you are painting your railing as well, pick either a classic white or use the matching colour concrete paint to your railings.

Paint Your Front Porch: Go Bold or Go Home!


  •  If you are thinking of making a statement on your front porch or entry steps, then you might want to consider really articulating your ideas that will best suit your home. Depending on the style of your home and the paint you have on the siding of your house, a safe option would be to paint the porch floor a matching shade to the exterior trim of you house. From this point, a stronger bold colour can be applied to the railings, or any other unique areas you want to stand out in the front of your house. You can always incorporate a brightly coloured front door with painting the rest of your porch. I picked a deep red for my front door, and then I painted the railings white, and the concrete floor and the entry steps a deeper grey. I also matched up the mailbox and the post the same colour of the door, and added two red Muskoka chairs for a final touch. This whole process took about a weekend and made a huge difference! I’m thinking of adding some brightly coloured flower baskets next weekend…

Modern Front Porch: A Modern Day Look

  • A modern porch does not necessarily mean serious at all. As simple as painting your front door a dark brown/black and painting the rest of your porch (floor, railings, steps) a steady flowing, dark neutral colour will create a consistent modern flow to the front of your home. Pick dark browns, blacks, or even dark grey’s when incorporating a modern day look, and if you feel its necessary, you can always switch out your old exterior porch light for a stainless steel looking one to add more dimension to your front porch or entry steps. If one colour just doesn’t do it for you, painting the exterior trim around your front door a bright white shade, will really make your entrance POP!



Fascinating and simple to do, you can create a seamless visual to the front of your house. With these tips and ideas for painting a front porch or the entry steps of your house, I’m sure your own inspiration will meet your expectations perfectly. However, if you can’t schedule in the time for this D.I.Y brainstorm session, you can trust Home Painters Toronto to do it for you! Home Painters Toronto has got your best interest in mind, and promises the best! Call us NOW at 416-494-9095 for Free Front Porch painting estimate or email [email protected].



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