Using Exterior Paint Colours to Improve Your Curb Appeal


Using Exterior Paint Colours to Improve Your Curb Appeal

Selling? Or maybe you just want to start admiring your house and not cringing when you pull into the driveway. Okay, maybe it’s not that bad but you’d be surprised how a little exterior paint can do wonders for curb appeal. Because after all, the first impression of your home is important! We’ll go over some curb appeal ideas, pictures and house plans to get those ideas flowing!

1. The Fast Spruce Up

There are so many ways that exterior paint can give your home that much needed curb appeal. The first cluster of ideas are what I like to label as “The Fast Spruce Up.”

  • Quick! Grab a colour, any 2-imagecolour, and paint your front door with it! That’s right, not just classic red, black or green can be admired. Think outside of the box, pick a vibrant shade of purple, orange or whatever you like and try painting your exterior front door. This will turn heads and bring curb appeal quickly to your home. The only thing to remember is if you pick a bright colour for your door make sure the rest of your house contrasts well with it. I wouldn’t suggest painting a purple door with washed out brick siding on your home, but play with it a little. Bring paint samples from the local hardware store and see what works. A red brick home can look even more vibrant with a classy shade of burgundy on your front door.

If you have a classic white sided home pretty much any colour will create eye popping curb appeal when you use paint the exterior of your front door.

2.  Glow Appeal


  • You can paint your pathway 4too! Not only solar lights can illuminate your pathway. There is a type of glow in the dark exterior paint that you can apply to the areas you want seen at night to give your home curb appeal in the dark! Applying this paint onto the stones in your walk way will really light up your front yard and also visibly guide your feet at night! It’s perfect for entertaining as well and very simple to do!

3.  Trim it Up

  • You can highlight the architectural layout of your house by simply applying an exterior window trim paint in a bold colour that compliments the rest of your house.


  • Don’t be afraid to change it up. I like the reverse effect. Typically, your home would be painted a lighter shade on the siding of your house and a darker colour trim to contrast. Well, why not create a different effect that will enhance your curb appeal in a unique way? Try painting the siding of your home a darker shade that blends well with the colour of roof you have and paint the trim on your house (including window, door etc..) a lighter colour? This contrast will create a bold unique look and really sharpen up the curb appeal of your house!

4. Plan it Out!

  • Carefully planning out how you want your home to look through other plans of homes including the landscaping is a good route to take. It can start by finding a couple of different shades of exterior paint and sorting which colour goes where. Take into consideration the landscape of your yard – if you are picking bold vibrant shades, the landscaping should be thorough shades of green. Including bushes, shrubs and plants that are not all different colours. This will help keep the eye on your home and not at the ground thus making a strong curb appeal that will stay constant throughout the changing seasons!


Typically, you want to paint about 70% of your home one colour. Then you can paint the trim around 20% and stand out accents about 10% like the front door. This rule is a good one to follow if you are unsure where to paint which colours, and it will keep it looking professional.

Whichever direction you choose whether it’s bold or neutral, these tips on using exterior paint colours to improve your curb appeal will help give you maximum results! But if you are just too overwhelmed with all the colours and variations why don’t you let HPT take care of it all?  Call us NOW at 416-494-9095……