How Much Does Wallpaper Removal Cost in Toronto

Wallpaper has been huge in the interior design world for quite a while, but if you’ve recently moved into a home that is a bit outdated, and you’d like to figure out an estimate for wallpaper removal cost, we have a blog post for you!

Whether you are looking to hire a professional to come in and remove your wallpaper or want to do it on your own, calculating the cost of the job is beneficial before you get started. It can help you get a solid idea of how much you should be spending, so if someone provides you with an unreasonable quote, you can ask why or choose to go with someone else. It can also help you set and stick to your budget months before hiring someone.

Factors to Consider in Estimating Wallpaper Removal Cost

There are many reasons why people choose to have their wallpaper removed. As we mentioned, it used to be very popular and is present in a good number of older homes that haven’t been updated, but it’s also still popular, but the designs have greatly changed.

wallpaper removal cost

Removing your wallpaper can really brighten and open up your room, it modernizes your home and increases the resale value, and it can be easier to coordinate your furniture to a clean, sleek, paint job vs a pattern on a wallpaper.

We have all seen some outdated wallpaper with cabbage roses or paisley prints, and we know they don’t match a modern feel. Don’t get us wrong, trendy and modern wallpapers do exist, and they’re especially popular for accent walls. You can get pretty much anything you can imagine in a wallpaper these days, so your options are endless.

Some factors to consider during the estimation phase are:

  • The type of wallpaper, the age and how to remove wallpaper successfully. Dry strip paper will be easier to remove, but it tends to leave excess glue behind. Which will need to be removed before continuing the painting process.
  • Drywall vs. plaster walls. Drywall is softer than plaster, so thinking about how to remove wallpaper will be more time consuming and costly.

Hiring a professional is recommended for how to remove wallpaper, not only to minimize the amount of damage caused to your walls during the removal process, but it will cost you less money when you leave it to the professionals.

Calculating Wallpaper Removal Cost

There is no completely accurate approach to determining how difficult this job could be, so we do recommend getting a couple quotes from local contractors – even if you’re not exactly in the hiring process stage. They can give you a better quote depending on the condition of your wallpaper and walls.

Generally speaking, a basic, simple removal can cost you $1.50-$2 per square foot, but if it’s on the more difficult side of the spectrum, you could be looking at $3-$4 per square foot. A good sized kitchen could cost you between $500-$800, for example.

wallpaper removal

Also consider the room you’re having the paper removed from, and how difficult it will be for the contractor to reach all the spots, for example, the bathroom will cost a bit more, because removing wallpaper from behind the sink and toilet and other hard to reach places. The kitchen can be another room that’s more difficult if the wallpaper runs behind the appliances.

If you’re looking to follow up this job with having your room painted professionally, you may not be able to get a close estimate in the beginning. This will depend on the amount of damage caused to the walls during the wallpaper removal process, and this is generally bound to happen, regardless of how experienced your professional is.

They can’t always predict how smoothly the wallpaper will come off until it’s being removed. The walls will need to be patched and sanded before priming and painting can happen, so just keep that in mind as well. A company with many years’ experience will be able to help you through this whole process, from start to finish.

We admit, removing wallpaper can be a very tedious job, and if you feel inexperienced or you don’t want to do it yourself (which is understandable!), and you would like Home Painters Toronto to help you out, give us a call TODAY! We have the experience you’d look for in a wallpaper removal company.

If you’re in Toronto or the GTA, we would love to give you a hand in your wallpaper removal endeavours!

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