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Wallpaper has been huge in the interior design world for quite a while. But if you’ve recently moved into a home that is a bit outdated and you’d like to figure out an estimate for wallpaper removal costs, we have a blog post for you!

Whether you are looking to hire a professional to come in and remove your wallpaper or want to do it on your own, calculating the cost of the job is beneficial. It can help you get a solid idea of how much you should be spending. So, if someone provides you with an unreasonable quote, you can ask why or choose to go with someone else. So, let’s dig into all the details about how much wallpaper removal costs in Toronto.

Everything You Need to Know About Wallpaper Removal

Reasons Why Some People Consider Having Their Wallpaper Removed

There are many different reasons why people choose to have their wallpaper removed.

  1. As we mentioned, it used to be a very popular interior design choice. It’s present in a good number of older homes that haven’t been updated, but the designs have greatly changed.
  2. Removing your wallpaper can really brighten and open up your room.
  3. Maybe there’s some peeling or repair work that needs to be done.
  4. It can also help to modernize your home and increase the resale value. It has a much more contemporary feel and is easier to coordinate your furniture to a clean, sleek, interior painting job vs a pattern on the wallpaper.
Wallpaper Removal Before and After

Some Factors to Consider During the Estimation Phase Are:

  • The type of wallpaper, the age and how to remove wallpaper successfully. Dry strip paper will be easier to remove, but it tends to leave excess glue behind. Which will need to be removed before continuing the painting process.
  • Drywall vs. plaster walls. Drywall is softer than plaster and much easier to work with if there are any dents or marks. If you are removing wallpaper from a plaster wall, it can be more costly to fix things up in the end.
  • Do you have really high ceilings in the room your wallpaper is in? This can definitely affect the pricing in terms of removing wallpaper.
  • Also, if you have lots of extraneous furniture in the room, that needs to be taken care of and removed prior to starting the process.
  • Lastly, if you have scheduling conflicts or restrictions for the contractor that you hire, that affects the cost as well.

Calculating Wallpaper Removal Cost

There is no completely accurate approach to determining how difficult this job could be, so we do recommend getting a couple of quotes from local contractors, even if you’re not exactly in the hiring process stage. They can give you a better quote depending on the condition of your wallpaper and walls. So, how much does wallpaper removal cost in Toronto per square foot? Generally speaking, a basic, simple removal can cost you $3–5 per square foot. 

Sometimes professional contractors will have a minimum fee. For Home Painters Toronto, the minimum is $1,200. So, while an average size room will cost anywhere from $500 – $900, it makes perfect sense to save a little money and get a couple of your spaces done at the same time. The cost includes everything from the set-up, wallpaper removal, skim plaster, caulking, sanding, priming and clean-up.

Painter Removing Wallpaper

Tips to Streamline Your Wallpaper Removal Project Cost in Toronto

Removing wallpaper can sometimes become a more significant project than initially expected. It’s crucial to figure out ways to minimize costs without compromising the quality of the work. Here are some useful tips to streamline your wallpaper removal project cost:

1. Get Multiple Quotes

Two or three quotes, at least, will give you a clearer idea of the market rates. Don’t simply go for the cheapest quote. Rather, assess the value for money each service provider offers. Take into account their experience, reputation, and any additional services they provide.

2. Take Advantage of Off-Peak Discounts

The timing of your project can have a significant impact on costs. Contractors often reduce their rates during slower periods. Scheduling your wallpaper removal project during off-peak times, such as the winter season or during the weekdays, might lead to savings.

3. DIY Prep Work

Doing some preparation work yourself can help reduce costs. Clear the room of furniture, take down photos, and handle other small tasks to reduce the labour time. Remember, professionals charge for their time, so the less time they spend on preparatory tasks, the lower your costs might be.

4. Help Dispose of the Waste

Offering to clean up or dispose of the old wallpaper yourself can also save on service costs, as some professionals charge additional fees for garbage removal and disposal.

5. Understand What You’re Paying For

Make sure you understand what every quote includes. Some services might include wall surface repair after the wallpaper removal, while others might charge separately for this. Knowing precisely what you are paying for will help avoid any surprise costs later on.

6. Have a Flexible Schedule

If you can be flexible with your project timelines, you can negotiate a better rate with professionals who may appreciate the opportunity to fit your project into their quieter times.

Remember, the goal here isn’t to cut corners but to manage your project prudently. By following these tips, you can ensure your wallpaper removal project in Toronto is handled efficiently while keeping costs under control.

A Great Tip to Help You Save Some Money!

If you’re looking to have some interior painting done in a space that features wallpaper that needs to be removed, you can always go through that process yourself. Sure, it takes some time and patience, but in the end, it can save you a lot of money! And with that money, you could invest in some new furniture or brand-new artwork for the walls. Plus, you can have the painting contractor come in and do all the repair work, priming and painting. And your room will look good as new!

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